Live GPS tracking and routing for fleet managers and dispatchers

Robust route optimization combined with live GPS trackers Numerous realities frighten fleet managers from pick-ups, drop-offs and service calls to miles driven, fuel costs and efficient time management. Each day companies string together unique practices to accomplish daily tasks, which is most often overwhelming to a mobile fleet. US Fleet Tracking and Route4Me have partnered … Continue reading “Live GPS tracking and routing for fleet managers and dispatchers”

Improve The Workload By Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Control in minutes GPS trackers may seem as though they’d be complicated to utilize, but in actuality the system is quite intuitive and you can have complete control over your fleet in minutes. It’s amazing what a few button clicks can provide. For example, dispatchers sitting in an office can help drivers in … Continue reading “Improve The Workload By Using GPS Trackers”

Pleasing Customers By Using GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Satisfactory customer service When fleet employees are on point with their daily work it’s wonderful, because it means your company is operating as efficiently as possible. Utilizing GPS tracking is one of the best ways possible for management to make sure that while their employees are doing their work to the best of … Continue reading “Pleasing Customers By Using GPS Tracking”

EMS Directors Making Use Of GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking: Overcoming Everyday Challenges An Emergency Medical Services (EMS) director has a vital role in providing specialized oversight in the improvement and daily organization of the EMS system. Thinking in terms of the medical realm, it’s understatement to say that administration must be run properly as every second for emergency health care counts. For … Continue reading “EMS Directors Making Use Of GPS Tracking”

GPS Tracker Benefits For Restaurant Delivery Vehicles: Part 1

GPS tracker: Delivering more Nearly all major food products are delivered either frozen or refrigerated to restaurants. Some foods are picked out fresh and delivered daily. This makes restaurant food delivery fleets very important. At the foundation of food delivery vehicles is the capability to provide a timely service. Restaurant delivery fleets have quite a … Continue reading “GPS Tracker Benefits For Restaurant Delivery Vehicles: Part 1”

GPS Tracking For Service And Delivery Industries

GPS tracking: Gaining more customers It doesn’t matter whether your business is associated with offering a service or pushing out the delivery of products to customers, because GPS tracking has qualities to suit both. These devices make gaining more customers a breeze, because they offer simple ways to make your customers trust you, grow to … Continue reading “GPS Tracking For Service And Delivery Industries”

Traveling Into 2016 With GPS Tracker Devices

GPS tracker: Safety and efficiency ahead Are you ready to travel into the new year? For fleet business owners, this is the perfect time to contemplate over the team’s efforts in the past year and start making new business goals. Of course, you’ll want to strive for success in 2016. To help your fleet really … Continue reading “Traveling Into 2016 With GPS Tracker Devices”

Simplify Your Work With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: The power of a button click As a fleet manager it’s your job to know what your drivers are doing. You may have a rough estimate as to where they are and what job they are completing, but keeping track of their routes for several stops in a day can be challenging. This … Continue reading “Simplify Your Work With GPS Tracking”

Advanced Routing Options With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: The smart way to plan and drive A common task on a fleet manager’s to-do list is to ensure drivers are being efficient while conducting daily duties. Fleet managers understand better than anyone the intricacies of planning and delegating out the work load among all drivers. A great way fleet managers can streamline … Continue reading “Advanced Routing Options With GPS Trackers”