3 Conveniences Of GPS Tracking For Snow Removal Services

GPS tracking: Up to the challenge

While some states are enjoying the comforts of warmer winter weather at this moment, others are experiencing quite the opposite. When specific areas are cloaked in white sheets of snow a very special industry shines. From roadways to entry ways, snow removal services are counted on to ensure safety and luckily GPS tracking is there to makes this task a lot easier to manage. Here are some of the best ways GPS tracking helps snow removal service companies complete their jobs more efficiently:

1.) Live GPS Tracking Map: Snow removal service managers can keep track of their crews by seeing their exact location within the city on the live streaming map. Leveraging this means being able to position fleet drivers in the way that makes the most sense.

2.) Route Planning: Planning out routes for drivers is smart as it cuts out any backtracking that may have happened without the plan. It’s also as simple as clicking a few buttons, entering destinations and allowing the GPS tracking system to automatically generate the shortest, smartest route.

3.) Automatic Updates: Imagine having 1, 5, or 10 second updates. Even at 10 seconds one could hardly call that slow. These updates are extremely helpful for various alerts like geofences, speed alerts, or weather updates. These, of course, are all in an attempt to increase safety.

Bring on the snow, because GPS tracking is definitely up for the challenge with multiple features like live map, route planning, and automatic updates which provide efficiency, accountability, and safety for your drivers. When the snow has piled up outside and the population is relying on your snow removal services to help them get to where they’re going you can look to GPS to make things easier.

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How GPS Tracking Helps Identify Bad Fleet Employees: Part 2

GPS tracking: Eliminating bad behaviors

Being able to easily and effectively identity bad fleet employees helps managers correct problems to ensure ongoing success of the business. In part one of this series, we discussed two common traits of a bad fleet employee and how GPS tracking technology works to eliminate those bad behaviors. Today, we’re going to talk about two more common traits of a bad fleet employee and provide some scenarios for using GPS tracking to help eradicate those bad behaviors.

Here are two more common traits of a bad fleet employee:

  • Milking the clock
  • Billing problems

Perhaps, you find that getting your employees show up at work isn’t a problem at all. What if you simply have some bad fleet employees that consistently spend longer at a job-site than they should? How would you know? Do you just take their word for it? GPS tracking wouldn’t require you to ask such questions of yourself or your employees. With the Start/Stop feature jobs are timed from the beginning and at the end allowing management to have an accurate timeline of their employees’ field work per job, thus making it more likely for them to avoid “milking the clock”.

Honest business is good business. You might want extra income, but you shouldn’t want to obtain it in a negative way. If your fleet drivers handed your customers a bill charging them for more work than necessary, you’re sure to have more arguments than you have time to handle. Bad employees don’t take accountability for their own actions and may be willing to fudge the numbers in their favor. With GPS tracking customer billing isn’t a problem in the slightest. Not only does the Start/Stop feature help managers to be in the know, but it’s great for customers to see an exact time stamp of the work completed, as well.

When a fleet owner is able to recognize bad employees quickly is reduces the time spent invested on someone who either isn’t a good fit for the company or it helps the owner to come up with a solution. Knowing about the problem is half the battle and thanks to GPS tracking it’s easier to know right away.

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How GPS Tracking Enhances Job Site Safety: Part 1

GPS tracking: Beneficial for fleet industries

Whether you’re a fleet owner in an industry that services residential or commercial clients there are many business practices that you can adopt to make a difference. One important task that fleet managers have on their list is to find some way to enhance employee safety on job sites. GPS tracking can help fleet industries to achieve this goal in more than one way. In part one of this series, we’re going to talk about two different ways that GPS tracking can work for your fleet industry.

The Benefit Of Driver Visibility

When employees are out at job sites for most of their day there is no true accountability or assurance of safety. That is, unless your company has GPS tracking. With this software management have access to data and live maps that display vehicle locations. If an emergency situation arises, it is helpful to be able to identify the exact location of the driver.

The Benefit Of Emergency Alerts

In an ideal world there wouldn’t ever be an emergency that would warrant the use of alerts, but it isn’t an ideal world. If one of your drivers should ever find themselves in a predicament the GPS tracking panic alert feature is a great way to call for help. With the press of a button, management will be notified and can access the driver’s location to send assistance.

A serious workplace emergency has the potential to change lives forever. Every person who goes to work for you should expect to return home, at the end of their shift, safely. Not only are employees your best asset, but having an emergency situation could result in the company’s loss of valuable work hours, increased insurance rates, and more, depending on the situation. You can take a step in the right direction towards increased safety by implementing GPS tracking devices.

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GPS Tracking In Super Bowl Games Of The Past

GPS tracking: Event organizers

To many people there are few things more “American” than football and the Super Bowl is one of the greatest events to celebrate. Fans from all around will gather, dressed in their favorite jerseys and ready to eat, drink, chant and be lively! The Super Bowl tradition for fans is quite different than the one US Fleet Tracking became a part of in the past few years. In 2007, US Fleet Tracking started working with Super Bowl XLI by assisting with the first ever, established, live GPS tracking system.

It was determined that planning something as large as the Super Bowl required logistics that could give ground control, whether for celebrity players or general attendees. It was clear the answer meant live GPS tracking. For years to follow the excitement about GPS tracking continued to grow.

Each year, two teams prepared for what was sure to be a most intriguing game and we were there with GPS tracking software to aid with moving the crowd of people and equipment throughout the area effortlessly and efficiently. By 2015, more than 500 GPS tracking devices were in use during the weeks prior to Super Bowl, during the game, and after the champion team was crowned.

The GPS tracking system was used to monitor data such as location, movement and heading which allowed for strategic decisions to be made on the fly or in proactive route planning. Security, safety, accountability and live dispatching are all important and can be achieved with the use of GPS tracking. It’s no surprise that when the Super Bowl is being set up that certain streets may be blocked off. With routes showing on the live map, it’s simple for drivers to know which paths to take.

We’re humbled that our GPS tracking system was used so many times for an event as prestigious as the Super Bowl. The bottom line is that we, at US Fleet Tracking, are always looking to bring awareness and efficiency for all event organizers. We’re excited to see what this Super Bowl has in store!

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