Traveling Into The Final Fiscal Quarter With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Going out with a bang

Time waits for no man and whether you’re ready for it or not the final fiscal quarter is upon us. Imagine if you were able to make your last quarter the best one of 2016 for your fleet business. Whether you’re part of an industry of sales, delivery, or services there is something that GPS trackers can help you with. Saving money and keeping your clientele satisfied are two very important topics for discussion that just so happen to be things GPS trackers can help your fleet business improve upon.

First of all, saving money is something that every business owner should want to do. If you find that your business is one of them, read on. Many fleets have a problem with too much fuel consumption, but they may not even realize it. With GPS trackers allowing the monitoring of gas guzzling driver behaviors such as idling, speeding, and aggressive driving better habits can be formed.

The system also tracks the fuel usage percentage to give a clear understanding of how much is being used by each vehicle. As if that wasn’t enough of a help already, GPS trackers also have Advanced Route Planning to help fleets optimize their daily driving plans, choosing the shortest or most fuel-efficient routes.

Aside from saving money on fuel, this technology has also helped some fleet companies save money by utilizing automated billing, accurate time keeping, and saved data that can be used for business accounting records. This makes business taxes easier to do!

When saving money isn’t on your mind, most likely keeping your clients happy will be. Building the bridge to trust starts with great customer service. It may sound crazy to think that GPS trackers can help in this instance, but they can! By being able to provide customers with an accurate arrival time for their delivery, service, or product is a great way to keep customers happy with your company.

Are you ready to begin traveling into the final fiscal quarter with GPS trackers? If you’re ready to keep your customers coming back for more and be provided with data that will let you save money, GPS trackers are the way to go. They’ll have you going out of this final quarter with a bang!

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GPS Trackers Can Help Fleets With New Year’s Resolutions: Part 2

GPS trackers: Resolving common fleet problems

Christmas is over and things are chugging along at the office, meanwhile your fleet is out there trying to implement New Year’s resolutions. It’s always worth improving upon weaknesses and two common issues fleet companies have include keeping up with vehicle maintenance and building customer relationships. In part one of this series we talked about how GPS trackers can help with the fleet resolution of “keeping trucks healthy”. In part two of this series we’re going to dive into how GPS trackers can also help your team to fulfill the resolution of “staying in touch with customers”.

Staying in touch with customers: Busy days may require drivers to line up quite a hefty schedule of stops, but that’s not a problem for those using GPS trackers. There’s so much data GPS trackers can store for you, including customer data. This translates to keeping in touch with customers better, because if a driver is in the field and happens to be running late, a quick call to the customer is all it takes to keep them updated with the new estimated time of arrival. This is far better than the customer waiting around, not knowing anything and becoming agitated. The list of customer information stored in the GPS trackers allows for quick access of contact information. It also sticks around for follow-ups later on.

GPS trackers are great tools to help your business stick to your New Year’s resolutions. They resolve many fleet problems and at the end of the year, make managers happy they made the decision to implement GPS trackers. If you need help with installation, training or just have support questions, we are available to help with all of these needs. Make 2016 great for your fleets by using GPS trackers!

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