GPS Trackers And Easter Egg Hunts

GPS tracker: A modern day Easter adventure

A field, a yard or a house full of Easter eggs for the little ones to find. These are the traditional places where many Americans hide Easter eggs for their children to participate in some Easter egg hunting fun. The adults do the set-up and enjoy watching their children look around for their treats. It’s great to have those traditions for the younger children in your lives, but what about the older teens or adults? GPS trackers could make Easter egg hunts a modern day Easter adventure for the older household members.

You would need a mastermind to organize the whole thing, but it would be a lot of fun. There are a few different ways that the organizer of this shindig could plan the hunt. One way would be by using GPS trackers to find single, pinpointed locations. For example, the organizers would hide a certain number of Easter eggs (or clues) around town and note only their geographical location. Participants of the Easter egg hunt would be given the set latitude and longitude coordinates to begin the hunt. Think bigger than walking or running around the town. Picture using GPS trackers in your vehicle to drive around town looking for the predetermined locations that will have coordinates for the next location.

The other way GPS trackers could be used for Easter egg hunting is by setting up whole routes to follow. If you were making the hunt for teens or just wanted things to be a little easier you could use the GPS trackers’ advanced route planning option. With this option, you can use the GPS tracker map to draw out the entire route and save it in the system. In this scenario, participates would just have to follow the liner route to get to their next location.

Either way you chose to do it, using GPS trackers would make the ultimate Easter egg hunt as it combined aspects of a treasure hunt. Easter egg hunts and GPS trackers just seem to make a great duo and there are hundreds of people in America already doing this sort of activity, because it is a festive spin on geocaching. Would you use GPS trackers to make your Easter egg hunt into an adventure?

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