GPS Tracker Benefits For Restaurant Delivery Vehicles: Part 1

GPS tracker: Delivering more

Nearly all major food products are delivered either frozen or refrigerated to restaurants. Some foods are picked out fresh and delivered daily. This makes restaurant food delivery fleets very important. At the foundation of food delivery vehicles is the capability to provide a timely service. Restaurant delivery fleets have quite a few tasks at hand to ensure that the food and beverage industry has fresh goods on hand. Whether you have just a few fleet vehicles or you are a large delivery company, the benefits of GPS tracker devices are hard to ignore. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about one of the best benefits you get out of using this technology.

Delivering More Than Goods

You’re not just aiming to deliver fresh foods and beverages to designated restaurants. Those restaurant owners are your customers and you’d probably like to know that your company offered great customer service from the very beginning to the very end.

With GPS tracker units this is a much simpler goal to complete. Every driver will be able to tap into the GPS tracker device and quickly provide accurate times of arrival for deliveries. By using GPS tracker software your drivers would also open the door for opportunities to correspond with more customers in less time. This would be most advantageous through the usage of the Advanced Routing feature.

Being more efficient and communicative with customers is certainly a great place to start building better customer relationships. Being faster with deliveries is also vital to avoid food expiration. You definitely don’t want to be the reason why a restaurant doesn’t have their daily food supply.

If you own food delivery trucks then you already know how important the job can be. Why not make it an easier job with GPS tracker devices? Sometimes, there’s no shame in taking the easy route.

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3 Reasons Fuel Expenses Cost More Without GPS Tracker Devices

GPS tracker: Save fuel

Fuel expenses are one of the most talked about fleet costs as many seek to understand how to decrease them. A lot of fleet owners feel they save more in the fall, but your fleet might still be spending too much on fuel no matter what the season happens to be. It could be that your drivers are going about their day all wrong and there’s no way for you to know about it, unless you have GPS tracker devices in every vehicle. Today, we’re going to detail 3 reasons fuel expenses cost more when you’re not using GPS tracker devices.

1.) Little To No Route Planning: A common problem among fleet drivers is taking the long way around. It may be unintentional, but some drivers know one way to go and choose that path no matter what. Others only rely on phone apps or outdated personal navigation devices to get around, often finding themselves getting lost and wasting mileage in the process.

2.) Too Much Idling: Colder weather may cause more drivers to keep the engine running longer in an attempt to warm up the vehicle. Some drivers will leave a vehicle running to dash inside for what they feel is “just one moment”. Every second of idling adds up, wastes fuel, and counts towards the eventual degradation of the engine.

3.) The Tendency To Speed: It seems to be a common thought process among drivers that going 5-10 miles over the speed limit is acceptable. Not only is this dangerous, but speeding makes the engine work harder and burn more fuel.

Now, what would happen if you did have GPS tracker devices in every vehicle? With GPS tracker devices dispatchers would be able to provide turn-by-turn directions to drivers and plan out the shortest, quickest routes to job-sites. This would eliminate problems with route planning. Additionally, idling could be monitored with reports and alerts. Finally, speeding can also be monitored by checking the GPS tracker data which is automatically recorded.

Improve, grow, and save fuel!

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GPS Tracking To Replace Paper Customer Files

GPS tracking: Storage for customer data

After years of being in business it’s quite possible to have your customer files taking up the majority of one wall. Perhaps, you even have files taking up several wall spaces. Some fleet businesses have migrated to digital files such as spreadsheets or to using storage in the “cloud”, but even those require a little more work to maintain than the easy to use method we’re going to share, today. If you’re already using GPS tracking software to make your fleet run more smoothly, then it’s time we enlighten you to the fact that the devices you cherish for overseeing daily happenings in the field can also be used to keep track of your customer’s data.

You can digitally enter in loads of customer information and save a lot of rainforests. The information drivers might also need to obtain while on the road might include things such as names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and notes about the last service or products they’ve received. Now, if drivers need to gain quick access to customer information, they don’t need to lug around a clipboard of papers with customer data scribbled on it.

The GPS tracking system allows all users to be connected to the same information. This way anyone at the office or in the field has the ability to add or change data and others will see the modifications. This may be useful in situations when the driver encounters a time delay and needs to get in touch with a customer to inform them of the new estimated time of arrival. For many reasons, GPS tracking is the smart, safe, and simple way to maintain all customer data. That’s right, it’s time to ditch those dusty, old (and possibly smelly) files.

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How GPS Tracking Enhances Job Site Safety: Part 2

GPS tracking: Beneficial for fleet industries

Being a fleet owner brings a lot of responsibility and one of those daunting duties is making certain that your employees are safe while they’re in the field, working for you. Any smart business owner should know that a safe worker is a better worker. In part one of this series, we talked about two ways that GPS tracking can help fleet industries be safer. In part two of this series, we’re going to talk about two more ways that GPS tracking can work for your fleet.

The Benefit Of Weather Overlay

Some jobs just can’t be completed if mother nature doesn’t produce optimal weather. At times, driving in itself can be a dangerous task to complete when inclement weather approaches. With GPS tracking, dispatchers, managers, and drivers can all have universal access to the weather overlay feature which provides severe weather updates. This allows those drivers at risk of being caught in dangerous weather to be notified as soon as possible.

The Benefit Of Maintenance Reminders

No one wants to have their work day interrupted by a breakdown that could have been prevented. Likewise, employees would like to avoid the experience of having a tire blowout or an engine failure while driving to or from a job site. To avoid situations such as these proper maintenance is a must for your fleet vehicles. Reminder alerts can help to keep maintenance on a routine schedule for the safety of drivers everywhere.

Occupational accidents can provoke major crises for the employee and the company. That’s why employee safety is a crucial responsibility for fleet owners. Thanks to real-time updates, alerts, and live maps GPS tracking is able to provide multiple levels of safety for employees at a job site. If increased safety sounds like your next plan, give GPS tracking devices a try.

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Manage Major Events Using GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS trackers: Logistics for a successful event

When you’re planning a major event it can get to be a little overwhelming to say the least. You know you’re in trouble when you start to think the large event may too hard to manage alone. Keeping track of the people, the show and all while keeping your sanity is a lot to maintain. Did you know GPS trackers could help you manage your event? GPS trackers could be your answer to peace of mind. In part one we explained just how simple managing your crew could be. Now, we just want to break it down a bit further, because there are more ways that GPS trackers can make managing major events better.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring a level of safety to your participants, the crowd and for your own belongings? With the logistics that GPS trackers offer the event organizers, police officers or other important officials would be able to have access to the portions of the system they needed to help manage the event in a controlled environment. You can also set up alerts with the GPS trackers so that you can be notified the second any of your vehicles or equipment should be moved without your permission or outside of a designated geofence. The panic alert feature is also useful should drivers break down or have another emergency situation.

Having so much knowledge about the happenings before, during and after your event could save you from a nightmare situation. With information so readily available, taking appropriate action to keep things running smoothly can be a cinch. Live GPS trackers have it all; the ability to provide organization to the crew, track participates of your event and bring safety to everyone involved. Take your next event to an all new level of awesome with GPS trackers.

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Manage Major Events Using GPS Trackers: Part 1

GPS trackers: Logistics for a successful event

If you’ve ever been charged with the task of managing a large scale event, then you know exactly what kind of pressure there is to get every little detail just right. When you’re the planner of a major event you just know you’re going to be having to keep track of a lot of people and trying to figure out just how to do that can be challenging. That’s why for big events, whether it be sports shows, marathon races or otherwise, GPS trackers are a perfect solution. Managing major events using GPS trackers makes every aspect of the job much easier.

With GPS trackers, there is an increased ability for event managers to monitor their organizational crew. This can easily be done thanks to the GPS trackers’ reporting and alert functions. Knowing where your staff is located and doing what they’re supposed to be doing is an important part of an event manager’s job. What if some of your crew members are stuck in traffic or road blocks have been put up due to the event? With GPS trackers there is a live map available with the click of a few buttons. It’s a simple solution to help re-route workers to an accessible path and get them to work on schedule!

Not only can GPS trackers be used to keep track of your own staff members, but the logistics can be used to ensure you have a successful event by monitoring participants live! Are you ready to take your next event to a new level with GPS trackers? There has never been a better way to track mass participation events and it has never been easier. If you’re still not convinced that GPS trackers can help you manage your next event, stay tuned for part two and you just might change your mind.

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Three Businesses That Use GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Going everywhere

Old habits die hard, or so they say, so it’s understandable that many companies have not yet started using GPS trackers to improve how their businesses functions. While it is understandable why you might not have started using GPS trackers, that doesn’t mean that it’s the most brilliant plan to ignore all the ways that these devices could be saving your business money and time. You may know that large fleet businesses use GPS trackers, but they can also be used by many different types of businesses, too. Here are some examples of businesses (that you might not expect) which use GPS tracking devices to improve their daily activities.

1.) Art Museums: Museums hold some of the most valuable artifacts and pieces of art work. It makes sense that they would want to take extreme precaution in protecting their assets. GPS tracking software is hard at work here when large art museums have to transport their precious cargo. The GPS trackers offer the museum curators peace of mind as they can use the live map tracker to monitor their transport vehicles.

2.) Universities: GPS trackers have been aiding Ivy League colleges that have grown large in population, beyond their initial capacity. It is because of this growth that many colleges have had to make use of buildings further away from the main campus. GPS tracking helps monitoring of shuttle vehicles that are responsible for carrying student back and forth across campus and to the other buildings.

3.) Bike Rentals: Some locations are popular for bike riding as the cost of renting a bike is much cheaper than paying for gas prices or other forms of public transportation. The companies that own the bikes want to make sure that they get the bikes to their rental locations, safely. Some companies have started using GPS trackers to monitor the location and of their transported bikes. This cuts down on the possibility of theft and keeps track of employee accountability.

GPS trackers are going everywhere these days! They have made businesses all over the United States much more efficient. So, if you’re a smaller business or you do something entirely different than manage large fleet vehicles then you may be able to benefit from GPS trackers as well.

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Become A Fuel Efficient Fleet With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Your guide to saving the “green”

This Spring, business managers are looking forward to more than just green grass; they also want to save their “green.” The cash saving opportunities from having GPS trackers are outstanding! The cost of purchasing GPS trackers is also paid back repeatedly by either the money the company saves through being more efficient or through additional business picked up from the additional time employees now have available. The savings can be through the roof in various areas of your business, but the reduced costs from becoming more fuel efficient, alone, are enough to justify the addition of GPS tracking. There are two major ways to be more fuel efficient; be able to monitor idling time and improve routing options.

1.) Monitor idling time: The first way you will save money on fuel with GPS tracking, is by being able to know when a vehicle is idling for an extended period of time. It is not only unnecessary, but the constant running of the engine is not good for the vehicle or your company’s bottom line. The engine may have increased maintenance needs as a result of always being left on. Some may think that stopping and restarting an engine wastes too much fuel, so they think that leaving the vehicle running is more cost effective. The truth is, that this action is actually wasting more company money, because leaving the vehicle running uses more fuel. Some managers have reported anywhere from 20-30% in fuel savings after using GPS trackers to monitor their vehicles. With your GPS tracker, you will have access to seeing the amount of time a vehicle is running and in idle. Managers will be able to pinpoint which drivers have a habit of idling and can bring this to their attention.

2.) Improve routing options: Another fuel efficient feature of GPS trackers is the ability to have improved routing. Your drivers are not as likely to waste valuable time by taking a longer, time consuming route with GPS trackers. Dispatchers would have the capability to see the precise location of your drivers as well as the best route to his or her location. If a driver was lost, dispatchers could quickly help him or her find their way back to the route. With improved routing comes shorter travel distances, therefore; reducing fuel costs.

GPS trackers have many other cost savings features, but being able to save on fuel costs is unbeatable. If you’re looking to save your “green,” you might just consider implementing GPS trackers for your fleets. As soon as the monitoring begins, you’ll already be on your way to savings.

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Common Fears of Implementing a GPS Tracker: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Debunking Your Fears

So, you’ve heard that a GPS tracker could be a smart investment for your fleet drivers, but you’re still fearful of purchasing? Perhaps as a business owner, with fleets of drivers, all you worry about is keeping your head above water so you haven’t really taken the time to think about whether a GPS tracker really could be a great investment for your business. Maybe you haven’t been willing to hash out the budgeting details or research what a GPS tracker is all about due to fear that it isn’t worth it. In part one of this series we will give you little assurance about the benefit of GPS trackers.

Your Fear: I don’t think it can help.

Assurance: You can use a GPS tracker to know if your fleet drivers are speeding, obeying traffic laws, to see how many miles they drove and whether they are idling unnecessarily. You can easily see on a live access GPS tracker map where your vehicles are and what they are doing. You can also provide your drivers with turn-by-turn directions to avoid construction zones or high traffic areas, which gets your drivers to their destinations quicker and safer.  A GPS tracker can also be programmed to schedule reminders for you, informing you when vehicle maintenance is due. All of this knowledge is at your fingertips thanks to a GPS tracker. Having the ability to monitor fleets is a fantastic way to excel your business’ customer service, efficiency and productivity.

All of that sounds pretty good, right? Stayed tuned for part two of this series where we will debunk a few more fears you may have and outline more ways that GPS tracking is a smart investment for the future of your business.

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Pitfalls of Installing Your Own GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker: Think Twice About Self-Installing

As a business owner there are countless things to worry about on a regular basis such as budget, time constraints, customer service, tracking employee progress, and many other important inner workings. At this point a business may have already have decided to use a GPS Tracker for their company vehicles to help manage all of the day to day tasks. That business might also be inclined to self-install their GPS Tracker system. Be aware that there are many pitfalls that a company may face if they attempt to have their employees install their GPS Trackers for them.

Thought: It will take less time if our employee installs GPS Trackers.

Pitfall: Installing a GPS Tracker, properly, is important so the software functions the way it needs to. There is no guarantee that a GPS Tracker will be installed properly if you opt to have your employee do the job, therefore; creating trouble shooting issues down the road. The time it takes to research the issue and fix mistakes will inevitably delay your business.

Thought: Self-installation is free or will save upfront costs.

Pitfall: If you were to have one of your employees install a GPS Tracker, you would need to justify the true cost of labor for the time it takes to finish the job. In addition, you would need to account for the cost of removing the employee from their normal duties.

Thought: All GPS Tracker devices are installed the same way, so how difficult could it be?

Pitfall: If you have your own employee attempt to complete the job with what they perceive to be a universal install then you will, unquestionably, create complications. There is no generic installation due to the variety of circumstances; the installation process for a GPS Tracker can vary depending on many aspects such as vehicle year, make, model and the tracking device type.

Truth: You always want to do what is best for your business which means letting the professionals make certain you get the most out of fleet tracking technology. It is vital to have properly installed GPS Trackers so as to ensure you have the most accurate fleet data and GPS tracking for your vehicles. Furthermore, monitoring your fleets is significant, making your business more efficient, and you do not want to have a system failure due to improper installation. It is important to have someone who is familiar with GPS Tracker installation do the job for you. Having a professional install a GPS Tracker for you can save you the headache of making mistakes and will get you a guaranteed, proper installation; undoubtedly saving you time and money in the long run.

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