The Benefits of GPS Tracking for Firefighters

Fire departments in the United States receive tens of millions of calls every year. Are all these directly related to fires? The truth is—no. The majority of calls are from people requiring medical aid. You can see how important it is for firefighters to know the locations of the callers and get to where they’re going quickly.

How Fire Departments Use GPS Tracking

Global positioning systems and fleet management software can save lives. That’s because GPS tracking allows departments to:

  • Track Assets and Communicate – Supervisors can easily see where fires are and communicate with teams in the field. This makes it much easier to find people who may be trapped and get to them before it is too late.
  • Find More Effective Routes – View traffic, weather, and road conditions in real time to avoid hazards and traffic jams; the best route for firefighters helps those in danger and the company because it increases efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Monitor Progress – By tracking progress every step of the way, departments are better able to respond quickly and more effectively identify and implement strategies for improvement. The hardware needed is also simple and efficient.

Could your fire department benefit from improving its response to emergency fire and medical situations? Learn more about how GPS tracking works and US Fleet Tracking can assist you by checking out our infographic.

infographic - benefits of gps tracking for firefighters

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