Top Tips for Installing Your GPS Tracking Device

Ready to install your GPS tracking device but don’t like using instruction manuals? Then this infographic is the perfect solution for you! Get helpful installation tips, including: tools to use, location, and wiring – all in an easy-to-read graphic.

top tips for installing your gps tracking device (infographic)

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What Business Owners Need from Fleet Management Software

For many companies, properly managing and maintaining a fleet of commercial vehicles is a key aspect of their business’s success. From major trucking companies with dozens of semi-trailers to small businesses with delivery trucks or specialized vehicles for site visits, many business owners and management teams have turned to GPS trackers and fleet management software packages to keep tabs on their vehicles, inventory, and employees.

Two Semi Trucks From a Company's Fleet

As with any technology in business, fleet tracking software is only as good as the data it’s able to provide. A company that pays for a fleet tracking service only to get occasional location updates with no additional capabilities is probably getting a very poor return on their investment. To get the most out of your fleet management and get the best value for your money, look for a system that offers the following essential features.

Fast, Real-Time Tracking Capability

When you want to know where your assets are and what they’re doing, you don’t want to have to wait 5-15 minutes for an update. With today’s satellite systems and GPS technology, you shouldn’t have to. When choosing a fleet management software, it’s important to have a system that offers genuine real-time tracking with short intervals between updates. For the fastest feedback and most accurate location tracking, choose a software package that is capable of providing updates every 5-10 seconds at an affordable price.

Fleet of Trucks on a Map

Being able to closely track every vehicle’s position allows you to stay on top of your fleet’s activities and more accurately estimate the timing of arrivals, departures, and deliveries. Receiving truly live information also makes it possible for you to quickly re-route vehicles around traffic or direct authorities to a vehicle in an emergency. Put simply, the more often you’re able to receive tracking updates, the more direct control you have over your fleet’s activity.

Ideally, your software should also be able to display this GPS location and movement information visually with up-to-date, scalable maps. Even with the shortest intervals, the data doesn’t serve you well unless you can interpret it quickly and easily.

Integrated Data Collection and Reporting

In addition to fast GPS updates, decent fleet management software and devices should be able to automatically record and store a variety of other data. Business owners and managers should be able to collect information on things like speed, gas mileage, vehicle usage (starts/stops), maintenance history, idle time, route deviations, etc.

Automatic data capture not only provides powerful insight into vehicle activity but also allows you to keep a close eye on employees for management purposes. When employee reviews come around, you’ll also have a complete history of their driving records, giving you a holistic view of employees’ work efficiency and driving habits. Automatic recording also eliminates the risk of error or intentional falsification by employees that can occur with manual data entry.

Of course, the data collected by the system can only reveal trends and inform decisions through analysis. As such, business owners should be able to use their fleet management software to easily filter data and create custom reports. With thorough data sets and in-depth reporting tools, you’ll be able to effectively identify opportunities for improvement, investigate suspicious activity, keep up with vehicle maintenance, provide records for billing disputes, and present concise, easy-to-read information to customers, vendors, and business partners.

Easy Data Access and Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Drivers, managers, and other staff should be able to access the fleet management system easily and quickly whenever they need it. Systems that can only be accessed from specific terminals or device types create unnecessary limitations that can leave important business decisions at a standstill.

A web-based tracking software that can be accessed from any internet-connected device allows businesses to make time-sensitive decisions from anywhere in the world. This can be especially valuable for business owners and executives who travel internationally for work.

Location Pins on a Map

Using fleet tracking software with a simple, web-enabled interface also reduces the burden on company IT systems, as it doesn’t require the installation of hefty programs on multiple computers. A fleet management system that can be accessed from a mobile app is an ideal choice for businesses that want to keep up with a constantly connected world without sacrificing feature quality.

Customization, Geofencing, and Other Management Tools

Look for fleet management software that offers additional tools and features to give you the most for your money. Your methods for success are different from those of other businesses in your industry—that’s why it’s important to have flexible fleet tracking software that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Business managers should look for systems with useful features like weather and traffic overlays, activity playback and custom notifications. With fleet management software that can interface directly with smartphones and other mobile technology, management can receive instant alerts on their preferred devices. Users should be able to set notifications for critical events like off-hours ignition, speeding, excessive idling, and more.

Another great feature to watch for is geofencing, which gives management the ability to define set geographic boundaries for drivers that can be monitored and enforced during tracking. When a user sets a geofence in the software, the system automatically keeps a record of every time a vehicle crosses a boundary (with some user-defined leeway).

A system with notification capabilities can also send alerts for these events. Proactively setting these boundaries allows businesses to easily identify unnecessary diversions, route inconsistencies, and employee misuses of vehicles.

Get Cutting-Edge Technology, Real-Time Updates, and Accurate Data with US Fleet Tracking

No matter what you do or how many vehicles you manage, US Fleet Tracking offers the state-of-the-art technology, flexible web-based interface, and truly real-time updates you need to stay at the top of your game. We’ve helped businesses across a wide range of industries crack down on misconduct, improve fuel efficiency, secure their assets, and keep records of important data easily and automatically.

US Fleet Tracking’s feature-rich fleet management system and tracking devices provide all the benefits you need:

  • 5-10 second updates
    Experience genuinely fast tracking with location updates at 5-10 second intervals—significantly faster than other trackers on the market. Live GPS tracking matters to your business.
  • Custom notifications
    Receive instant alerts for a variety of tracking events so that you can make quick business decisions and stay up to date on driver activity.
  • Live weather and traffic information
    Quickly re-route drivers around delays and dangerous road conditions with information from live traffic and weather overlays.
  • Geofencing
    Easily set geographic areas along driver routes and track when assets leave, enter, or approach a boundary.
  • Activity playback
    Dig down into the details with the ability to instantly replay any vehicle’s activity as needed.
  • Reporting capabilities
    Run custom reports directly from our tracking interface for analysis at any time, on demand, or on a set schedule.
  • Automatic data-capture
    US Fleet Tracking devices automatically collect important vehicle data such as mileage, fuel usage, ignition events, idling, speed, and more.
  • Worldwide, web-based access
    Never worry about traveling during business hours again—you can manage your fleet from any internet-connected device around the globe with no proprietary software installation.

With US Fleet Tracking technology, you can get automatic tracking data, powerful software capabilities, and convenient mobile access at a price your business can afford. Browse our selection of leading-edge GPS trackers to find the right device for your vehicles. When you’re ready to get started with our live tracking services, give us a call at (405) 726-9900.