Idle Trucks Are a Fleet’s Liability

It may not seem like a big deal, but idling vehicles incur costs that can add up to thousands of dollars off your bottom line. The details may surprise you. First, there are the major losses in employee productivity. In this case, time is literally money.

Then, consider the other tangible costs. Even a single truck idling just a few hours a day uses up valuable fuel. If you have a large fleet, your losses can reach five figures or more, depending on how many vehicles you have—but it doesn’t end here.

There is also the potential for additional lost revenue in fines with idling a violation in most states. You also have to take into account the additional wear and tear it puts on your vehicles that can drive up your costs even further.

The environment also suffers from the impact of contamination from the exhaust. Idling also worsens climate change from the release of greenhouse gas emissions. The human factor also plays a role with increases in health risk for several serious diseases, including premature death.

This infographic from US Fleet Tracking shows the sobering facts, and we’re here to help with real-time GPS tracking and asset management. Our systems offer reliable and accurate reporting, as well as live traffic and weather conditions and other features.

Reduce the impacts of idling on your fleet and the environment. Call us today at 405-726-9900 or chat with one our team members online. Let us help you get on track with a solution that will save you time, fuel, and money.

Idle Trucks Are a Fleet's Liability

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