Understanding the Science Behind GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS may work like magic, but there’s really a lot of science behind this amazing service.

The Global Positioning System uses signals from 24 U.S. satellites and a number of backups to deliver highly accurate information about the location, direction, and speed of objects on earth. In U.S. Fleet Tracking’s service, each vehicle in a client’s fleet is outfitted by a GPS receiver that matches time with an advanced clock in one of the U.S. or foreign satellites accessible by the company.

By use of trilateration, GPS technology can locate any receiver within inches. For transportation companies, this information is priceless but is only the tip of the iceberg concerning what U.S. Fleet Tracking can provide. The company can inform clients when vehicles exceed certain speed limits, starts and stops, has idled for a length of time, and much more.

Start keeping better tabs on your drivers and their vehicles with US Fleet Tracking. With US Fleet Tracking, fleet owners can improve drive times, fuel economy, and maintenance scheduling, allowing them to reap huge savings.

Understanding the Science Behind GPS Fleet Tracking

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US Fleet Tracking Announces The AT-V4 | 4G LTE GPS Tracker

US Fleet Tracking rattled the GPS tracking industry several years ago when it introduced live GPS tracking as its standard. The company is shifting the industry again by rolling out its newest product, the AT-V4, which packs 4G LTE connectivity. This GPS tracker is the first of its kind in the U.S. market allowing for better coverage throughout the nation.

Prior to US Fleet Tracking, the GPS tracking industry offered clients tracking updates that were logged to a specific device, ping-based, or updated after several minutes. Jerry Hunter, US Fleet Tracking CEO and founder, knew there was a better way to access location data and developed the first live GPS tracking software. This allowed clients to gather accurate vehicle data. Clients instantly benefited from near-odometer mileage reporting, the ability to take immediate action when the vehicle reaches a user-determined speed or when the vehicle entered or exited a specific area.

The AT-V4 adds more capability to US Fleet Tracking’s wide spectrum of features that help companies seamlessly run day-to-day activities, increase profit margins and gain an edge over the competition.

Along with the 4G LTE connectivity, the AT-V4 is equipped with programmable inputs and outputs so the user can truly customize a GPS tracker that fits their specific needs and their specific vehicle. The device is also temperature sensor ready and driver ID badge-in compatible.

Learn more about the all new AT-V4 GPS tracker by visiting https://www.usfleettracking.com/atv4.