Several Purposes Of GPS Tracker Geofences


GPS tracker: Benefiting fleet businesses

You may already be using GPS tracker devices for monitoring daily activities of your fleet drivers, but you also need to know that your vehicles are safe even when they aren’t being driven. For this kind of monitoring capability, geofences are an amazing tool to make use of. In case you’re wondering why these geofences would be so important or even necessary, we’re listing several purposes of this fantastic feature.

  • Provide protection for your company vehicles.
  • Recover stolen vehicles quickly.
  • Knowing when employees are on the job-site.
  • Make billing easier due to pinpointing job-site entrances and exits.

Securing company assets is vital since they are worth the majority of your company’s start-up and operating investment. When company vehicles are used during non-operating hours it can result in increased insurance premiums due to liability issues and risks for more damaged property.

GPS tracker devices simply help eliminate the possibility of someone being able to take your vehicles without you noticing. In the event that theft does occur your company vehicles being moved outside of the assigned geofence will trigger the alert and allow management to track stolen equipment for quick recovery by the police. This is such a time saver!

Another time-saver aspect of the GPS tracker geofence alert feature is the ability for management to see exactly when their employees enter the job-site. This allows managers to monitor arrival, ongoing work and departure times. Not only is this helpful for payroll purposes, but it would make billing the customer for time spent a lot easier.

Overall, for tracking when a vehicle doesn’t leave, or enter, a specified area geofence alerts are the best tool. The great part is that setting up virtual geofences with live GPS tracker maps is very simple to do!

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