How GPS Tracking Helps Identify Bad Fleet Employees: Part 1


GPS tracking: Eliminating bad behaviors

Hiring the “right” person for the job is a challenging task for fleet managers. You just never know whether what you learn about a person in an interview is truly genuine or a complete facade put on long enough to be offered a job. Some bad fleet employees continue on with their bad behaviors long before they’re ever caught. That is, unless, the fleet company in question happens to be utilizing GPS tracking technology. These devices can be a help in multiple ways to help fleet business owners identify and eliminate the behaviors associated with a bad fleet employee or to end the working relationship with that employee.

Here are two common traits of a bad fleet employee that would be best to identify sooner rather than later:

  • Missing important deadlines
  • Putting personal business before company business

Missing important deadlines such as delivering goods to customers late or arriving late for customer services is a bad way to do business. If your drivers don’t care about keeping to a schedule it will look bad on management and the company as a whole. Not knowing whether your drivers are even en route is just inefficient. With GPS tracking all of those worries go out the window thanks to having accurate estimated times of arrival to offer customers.

Some bad behaviors indicative of a bad employee include taking company vehicles off to work side-jobs or idling in obscure places between jobs. Using fleet vehicles for anything other than the job you want your workers to be doing is a waste of company money. With GPS tracking the real-time monitoring for every vehicle makes it possible to know the exact location of every driver, everywhere.

A good fleet owner gets to know their employees and establishes clear, measurable expectations. Many managers may intend to do this, but GPS tracking certainly makes it easier to have tangible evidence of acceptable (or unacceptable) work behaviors. Are you ready to eliminate bad behaviors for your fleet drivers?

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