A Few Questions About GPS Tracking You May Not Think To Ask


GPS tracking: Understanding the software

When you’re introduced to something new it can be overwhelming. We understand that not everyone will know exactly which questions they should be asking when deciding whether to choose a GPS tracking platform for their fleet business. That’s precisely why we decided to go over 5 simple questions that are important to think about, but that you may not think about asking. The answers to these questions may also help you decide that GPS tracking is right for you after all.

1.) Does it integrate with other office programs?
Our GPS tracking system most certainly does integrate directly with popular office equipment service software packages such as e-automate™ and MWA Intelligence™, just to name a few. You’ll even have help from our support team to tie the tracking, dispatch and weather data directly into your ERP system.

2.) Can the program be accessed by cell phone?
We know you and your drivers are on the move that’s why we offer a mobile app for logging in to the GPS tracking software. You can even save your password so that you don’t have to type in every time you log-in.

3.) Are the alerts customizable?
There are standard alerts that are usual for just about every fleet, but there is no one-size-fits-all about our fleet management software. You can add in as many alerts as you see fit! Your imagination is the limit there.

4.) Is there any training available?
While the program is very simple to jump in and learn, we do offer installation, live chat support, call-in support, and ongoing live training videos to help your fleet get the most out of your GPS tracking investment.

5.) Do the benefits outweigh the cost?
We pride ourselves on being able to offer GPS tracking that has proven methods of reducing labor expenses, increasing revenue, stopping theft, eliminating personal vehicle use, and reducing wasted mileage. That with the integration of popular computer interfaces brings multiple possibilities for functionally and increased return on investment.

We hope these 5 simple, yet powerful questions and their answers help you to make the choice that will benefit your fleet business the most. Should that mean investing in GPS tracking devices, we’re here to help.

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