GPS Tracking For Your Small Equipment


GPS tracking: Benefits for smaller assets

Many fleet businesses have large vehicles they need to protect, but if you run a company with a lot of small equipment you may be at even greater risk of theft. Of course, heavy duty vehicles pay off more for thieves, but it’s the smaller items that are easier for them to steal. Construction companies and fleets with smaller vehicles need all the advantages they can get when it comes to protecting their most precious assets. Today, we’re going to share a few benefits to having GPS tracking for your small equipment.

  • Satellite Connectivity: This GPS tracking feature gives you the capability to see where your assets are located no matter how remote they may be placed.
  • Alert Notifications: Setting movement alerts on your small equipment is easy to do and you’ll get notifications sent directly to your cell and/or your email. Tracking down stolen equipment is a lot easier when you know the instant it happens.
  • Stored Data: If you want to know where your vehicles or equipment has been any time within the last 90 days the stored data can be easily pulled up with historical playback. If you’re a daily or weekly statistics kind of manager then generating reports is an even better way to keep tabs on your assets.
  • Rugged Design: If your equipment is outdoors a lot during rainy weather then you’ll be happy to know that some GPS tracking devices come with waterproof, sonically sealed welded enclosures.
  • Long Lasting: Some GPS tracking devices have no battery to worry about about, but even the GPS tracking units that do require battery changes will have you amazed at their amazingly long battery life.

With GPS tracking technology you get all-purpose, dependable accessibility that is both profitable and easy to use. You can be content knowing that your smaller equipment is fully secured when you have a concern about theft in your community or neighborhood. In the event that one of your assets is stolen, you can rest assured that it will be returned to you quickly and that the criminals with be dealt with by the authorities.

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