3 Ways To A Simpler Bill Of Sale With GPS Tracking


GPS tracking: Invoicing software

Imagine that “uh-oh” moment when a customer has decided they want to dispute their bill for services rendered. When that moment comes will you have any proof that your guy was actually there when he said he was? A great deal of fleet business owners have been using GPS tracking to keep this situation and others from ruining their days. Taking the guesswork out of billing is simple with GPS tracking.

Here are 3 ways you can benefit from using a GPS tracking system:

  • Helpful Reports: If you want to know things like the idle times, labor time, vehicle usage, when the last maintenance was completed, fuel usage, and vehicle condition you have recorded data that can be generated into reports. This matters for billing purposes, because your overhead costs should be a factor in how much you decide to charge your customers.
  • Hindering Disputes: GPS tracking units record timestamps of the exact moment that your employee arrived to complete services and when services ended. The charge on the bill of sale will, therefore; be the most accurate it can be.
  • Going Paper-Free: The beauty of GPS tracking is that it benefits more than one department for billing purposes. The drivers don’t have to carry around hefty log books, the manager has easy access to notes entered in the system before the workers return to the office, and invoicing is a much simpler process. The accounting efforts are able to be maximized by having all the data in one place.

Timekeeping is a breeze when automation is involved! In the end, having a simpler bill of sale process means less tedious work keeping up with invoices and taking less time to do it. Speeding things up leaves more room for additional sales, if you want to go the extra mile. With GPS tracking you have the power to make your fleets easier to manage and your workdays more efficient.

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