4 Ways You Lose Money Without GPS Tracking: Part 2

GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Reducing the waste of profits

As we explained in part one of this series GPS tracking technology can make a fleet so much more organized and keep vehicles up to date on routine maintenance. The live, 3G map provides a view of every active fleet member in the field so there is no question about where one is located when you need them. Truthfully, if you fleet business isn’t using GPS tracking your budget may be blown. Today, we’re going to shed some light on 2 more ways that you lose money without GPS tracking.

1.) Excessive idling: Allowing fleet trucks to run in an idle state for too long will eventually break down the engine. Without GPS tracking you may not ever know which drivers are excessive idling causing your company budget to be spent on more maintenance than necessary.

2.) Wasting fuel: Without GPS tracking you won’t really know how fast drivers are driving, if they’re driving aggressively, idling too long, or if harsh braking is a habit. These are all actions that burn fuel faster and cause your profits to go up in smoke.

If your fleet company is busy exhausting all the income that the business earns on more maintenance than necessary and extreme fuel consumption there is a problem. The live map and the maintenance alerts that we talked about in part one are great tools to avoid wasting profits. A few other ways that GPS tracking can help you avoid wasting profits include reports to monitor idling and fuel usage. The reports will show details like when the ignition was turned on and how long a vehicle sat in one spot with the engine running. It’s quite simple and all you had to do was get the devices installed. Are you ready to start seeing your savings add up within a few short weeks?

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