Using A GPS Tracker To Keep Your Engine Cranking

GPS Tracker- Oil Change

GPS tracker: Oil change reminders

As a fleet owner you have many challenges, regular tasks, and goals to complete. One of those duties should include making sure that fleet vehicles have proper maintenance, but more specifically, routine oil changes. Preferably, preventative maintenance is ideal to avoid breakdowns or other engine troubles. Among everything else there is to do it may be difficult to really keep up with oil changes. That is, unless you are using a GPS tracker in every vehicle. GPS tracker devices can do the remembering for you so that you can keep your engine cranking.

Most fleet trucks are very large and have a lot of functioning parts. The parts under the hood have to rub against each other and that causes both friction and heat. That’s why oil is such a vital component. It greases up those moving parts to keep them moving accurately and it helps to absorb the heat. Now imagine an engine that hasn’t had an oil change in far too long. If left allowed to operate in this less effective manner it can lead to more expensive problems in the future. GPS tracker oil change reminders are a simple way to avoid undue stress on the engine.

Fleet drivers spend the majority of their time driving company vehicles and it’s important that that with every mile they drive they’re doing so in a reliable vehicle. The only to maintain that vehicles stay safe for daily use is to have reminders of the oil changes. Managers and drivers can both easily access the information in the GPS tracker system. With it being so simple to use, very little training time will be needed for most users. Just clicking into the Device Maintenance module allows GPS tracker users to enter in their current vehicle mileage and then the device auto calculates when the next oil change should be due! How easy is that?

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