GPS Trackers Can Save Reputations Of Internet Technicians

08.31.16-Internet Technician- GPS trackers

GPS trackers: Combat false claims

Realistically, the majority of the world relies on the internet. In fact, without internet there practically wouldn’t be a world of business. Even for personal use, life would not be the same without the internet. That being said, it gives companies that have fleets of internet technicians a pretty important job to do. Due to the widespread use of the internet more companies have emerged and that means more competition. With more competition means the service and reliability had better be on point. Sometimes, even when the service provided is outstanding, customers like to complain. Luckily, GPS trackers can save the reputations of internet technicians.

You may already know that GPS trackers can help in ways to save the company money, but how do you combat false customer claims? The answer is simple! GPS trackers can be used by managers to monitor their internet technicians and combat against false customer claims. For the employees, this means a lot. First of all, GPS trackers will allow drivers to provide an accurate estimated time of arrival to customers for services to be completed. They will also timestamp start and stop times so that there is no question as to when the vehicle pulled up and when it left the residence to keep track of when services were provided.

That means that if, after service is rendered, the customer decides to falsely accuse the worker stating that they were late or never completed the service, the recorded data can prove otherwise. They’ll have a bill provided to them with the same timestamp on it to prove that service was done between said hours. While there are many jobs for a fleet manager to do, it’s important to strive for a clean reputation as an industry. Of course, some customers are just hard to please, but protecting the reputation of your employees is the first step towards to maintaining a good name.

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