GPS Tracker Reports To Help Manage Your Data: Part 1

08.24.16-Reports 1

GPS tracker: Ideal solutions

When fleet managers are blowing through the day it can be difficult, or close to impossible, to manually track every detail of what their employees have done in the field. Many fleet managers worldwide have found a sense of peace thanks to GPS tracker devices. Some days are crazy busy and other days may leave you with some downtime. These moments are a great time to stop and check the statistics gathered by the units which can then be turned into valuable GPS tracker reports. Today, we’re going to talk about 2 GPS tracker reports that can help you manage your data a little easier.

First, we’ll discuss the Standard Report, because it’s a basic way to gather a lot of information. From the Standard Report you will receive essential information in order to help you ensure that drivers have been adhering to their planned schedules. You’ll also be able to see data such as the latitude, longitude, time of day and speed your vehicles drove throughout the day. With this information you not only have a source to maintain accountability of workers, but also a safety measure.

The GPS tracker Start/Stop Report is also a way to weigh accountability as it shows you if vehicles have stopped for a longer period of time than designated. If you know that your worker should have only been at a location for an hour and the vehicle was parked for two, without any warning or update from the driver as to the reason why, then this is probably going to be a “red flag”. It could be that the worker is a liability for your company.

It’s been said that knowing is half the battle. Once you have expectations set for your drivers and everyone is on the same page about what they’re supposed to be doing, it’s easier to manage situations. The nice part about these reports is that they will help you manage data easily. As a bonus, when your days just get too busy for you to stop and look at every report right then, you can go back and see the same information for up to 90 days. There will be no scrambling around, no written notes, but instead, easy to read automatic reports. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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