2 Reasons Carpet Cleaning Companies Love GPS Tracking

08.22.16-Carpet Cleaning

GPS tracking: Floored by success

It may take some convincing for some clients to admit that, if they want truly clean carpet, they can’t get by on just vacuuming alone, even if they do so religiously. Thus, once a carpet cleaning company has that customer it’s important to provide great service to keep them coming back or referring others. On another note, it’s also vital for the cleaning company to try and find savings where they can. Both of these highly important goals just happen to be two of the reasons why carpet cleaning companies love GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking Helps Provide Great Customer Service

When carpet gets smelly beyond an average at-home steam cleaning fix and customers call upon professionals to do the job, it’s usually an “emergency” situation. Most of the time it’s likely that someone important decided to come to town (the in-laws, for example) and customers need help getting that carpet clean fast! We say GPS tracking helps provide great customer service, because it not only makes your carpet cleaning company look better, but it makes the customer happy. Using tracking software you can easily provide accurate times of arrival to ease their minds. With the live map there isn’t much that can’t be done to ensure drivers get to the customer’s location quicker and safer.

GPS Tracking Saves The Carpet Cleaning Company Money

Thanks to features like route planning and live map tracking, labor costs can be, inevitably, decreased. Since GPS tracking allows drivers to get to their location quicker, getting down to the job at hand can be done faster which means saving money by not having to pay out overtime. Moreover, planned routes leads to less driving which means lower fuel costs. Who doesn’t want to pay less on gasoline? It’s always nice to save a bit of cash. Any carpet cleaning company can see the advantage of spending less on payroll and fuel.

In the end, it’s hard to argue with the money savings aspects of GPS tracking and the improved customer service that comes along as a result of using these devices. These are just two of the most common reasons to love GPS tracking. Other benefits, like a receiving a return on investment, will soon present themselves with use. Are you ready to be floored by success?

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