A GPS Tracking Alert To Elevate Fleet Service

08.15.16-Elevate Service- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Geofences

Seeing devices or vehicles move on a live map is what most people associate with GPS tracking. While live maps are the main function, the built in features really make for a more in depth user experience. Geofences are one of the most unique features offered by GPS tracking devices in that they can be sent to management at any time of the day or only when a vehicle enters or leaves a set perimeter.

With 3G connectivity GPS tracking makes it easy for fleet managers utilize this fantastic geofence feature to help navigate through the day and night a little smoother. By setting geofences for your drivers during the day it will help to ensure that they stay organized and in route. As a result, drivers will spend less time traveling between job sites and elevate customer service by default!

There are times when you need proof that a vehicle or company asset you’re tracking doesn’t leave, or enter, a specified area. That’s why it’s so great that, as an added bonus, using the geofence alert is such a clever “work hack” for after hour monitoring. When you know that vehicles shouldn’t be in operation, it’s even more important to know when they do move. The geofence alert will ping to let you know when unauthorized vehicle movement takes place. With this safety feature in place it will be pretty difficult for any theft to occur.

If you have a strange shaped area that needs to be monitored then you’re in luck, because with our GPS tracking system the geofence perimeter can be a circle, square, triangle, or another shape if you desire. GPS tracking has certainly raised the bar for fleet services and you, too, can elevate your business.

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