How GPS Tracking Enhances Job Site Safety: Part 1

08.10.16-Safety1- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Beneficial for fleet industries

Whether you’re a fleet owner in an industry that services residential or commercial clients there are many business practices that you can adopt to make a difference. One important task that fleet managers have on their list is to find some way to enhance employee safety on job sites. GPS tracking can help fleet industries to achieve this goal in more than one way. In part one of this series, we’re going to talk about two different ways that GPS tracking can work for your fleet industry.

The Benefit Of Driver Visibility

When employees are out at job sites for most of their day there is no true accountability or assurance of safety. That is, unless your company has GPS tracking. With this software management have access to data and live maps that display vehicle locations. If an emergency situation arises, it is helpful to be able to identify the exact location of the driver.

The Benefit Of Emergency Alerts

In an ideal world there wouldn’t ever be an emergency that would warrant the use of alerts, but it isn’t an ideal world. If one of your drivers should ever find themselves in a predicament the GPS tracking panic alert feature is a great way to call for help. With the press of a button, management will be notified and can access the driver’s location to send assistance.

A serious workplace emergency has the potential to change lives forever. Every person who goes to work for you should expect to return home, at the end of their shift, safely. Not only are employees your best asset, but having an emergency situation could result in the company’s loss of valuable work hours, increased insurance rates, and more, depending on the situation. You can take a step in the right direction towards increased safety by implementing GPS tracking devices.

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