6 Ways GPS Trackers Make Mileage Tracking Effortless: Part 1

08.03.16-Mileage1- GPS trackers

GPS trackers: Easier fleet business operation

Were you ever one of those fleet businesses that made your drivers lug around a clipboard with sheets of mileage records? How many times did the sheets have missing data or incorrect information? If your fleet is still using this method, you’re way behind the times. Making fleet business operations easier is as simple as adopting new-aged technology like GPS trackers. In part one of this series, we’re going to be talking about 3 ways that GPS trackers make mileage tracking effortless.

1.) Automated Recordings: Unreliable cell phone apps and missing clipboard data isn’t a very effective way to track mileage. With GPS trackers, you’ll have automatically recorded data of how far your vehicles are traveling in a single day. This automation doesn’t just make it easy on drivers, it also allows management to see what’s happening now or later.

2.) Safe Records: Your business may have some financial use for those mileage records you should be keeping. When your quarterly taxes roll around, you’d be thankful to have GPS trackers that had conveniently recorded every mile driven by every driver in your fleet.

3.) Report Generation: If for any reason you really want to print out a copy of the data recorded, you may easily do so with the report feature. This allows for accurate records and makes it easier to monitor individual vehicle expenses.

These are just a few ways that GPS trackers are making it possible for fleet owners to streamline the process of tracking mileage. With these technological advances it is easier on the drivers, provides a safer record keeping practice, and allows report generation. If you’d like to know a few more ways to benefit from using these devices to track mileage, come back for part two of this series.

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