Using GPS Tracking For Your Next Vendor Event

08.01.16-Vendor Event- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Your go-to solution

If you’ve ever run a booth during a large convention, trade show, or vendor event then you understand the importance of having everything very well organized. The goal is to bring awareness to your brand and, if you’re lucky, walk out of the place making more money than you spent to rent the space. In the meantime, how are you keeping up with all the steps it took to get to that point? For your next big event, GPS tracking could be your go-to solution.

With GPS tracking, booth managers can monitor and control their inventory from the moment they acquire it to the moment they sell it. The inventory list can be automatically updated within the GPS tracking system. If you have more than one driver bringing your merchandise, the live map makes it easy for other users to see where the rest of their party members are located. Remember the days of trying to caravan and hoping that you never lost sight of the person you were following? That doesn’t have to be the case with GPS tracking.

The logistics go beyond inventory control and seeing other drivers on the live map. In fact, if traffic or other road hazards should pop up along your way to the vendor event, simply look at the map for options to re-route your path with a few simple clicks. Some devices even have extended battery life, are lightweight, and portable. This means, that you could keep track of customers that stop by your booth by adding in their data. This allows you to be able to reach out to them later with other promotional offers!

There are so many uses for GPS tracking devices and using the software for your next vendor event is a smart solution!

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