GPS Tracking For Rental Car Services: Part 2

07.04.16-Rental-GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: No risky business & very efficient

Summer road trips sure do bring in the business for car rental companies, but doing so can also bring some risks. Your doors are only open for so long, leaving your company rentals unwatched during the hours that your office is closed. In part 1 of this series, we talked about how using GPS tracking can help in the retrieval process of stolen vehicles. Additionally, we also talked about how the live map can be used to see a vehicle’s actions. In part 2 of this series, we’ll be explaining a few more ways GPS tracking can be useful for car rental companies.

(1.) Door Unlock: Some cars have keyless start and remote door unlock features built in. If your rentals aren’t upgraded to this standard you may face the possibility of a customer locking the keys in the car. You might have a spare key should the set get stuck inside a locked car, but what if the situation isn’t ideal and it’s not where the car is? GPS tracking can take care of you. Device Commands can have your rental car unlocked in seconds.

(2.) Maintenance Alerts: Rental cars get driven a lot. The more a car is driven, the likelihood of increased maintenance is very high. How does your rental company remember to rotate the tires, change the oil, check for proper alignment, and tune-up everything under the hood? GPS tracking maintenance alerts can save a whole lot of headache by automatically reminding users of any scheduled maintenance due.

If you don’t have GPS tracking your company runs the risk of spending more company cash on replacement vehicles and higher insurance premiums. Could your car rental company benefit from being able to make sure vehicles are safe and that maintenance is properly completed? If you feel that deterring theft of rental vehicles and keeping maintenance up to date is important, then GPS tracking can do wonders for you. Keep your company’s income where it needs to be and protect assets at the same time with GPS tracking.

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