Improving Business Practices With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Many benefits for fleets

How were your profits this summer? Perhaps, they weren’t what you hoped they would be. Are you looking for new ways to improve your business for the rest of the year? GPS tracking can really give your fleet business many benefits that will help you in the process of improving business practices. Today, we’re going to talk about a few ways you can start to make use of those benefits.

1.) Scheduling And Updating Jobs: The system allows management to automatically schedule jobs for drivers. Then, drivers can continuously update on their job status via the GPS tracking software to keep dispatchers and managers informed. Everyone stays in the loop, making things run more smoothly.

2.) Dispatching And Routing: Dispatchers can communicate with drivers via two-way communication so that drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Routes can be easily created on the map and manipulated in case heavy traffic or construction stands in the way.

3.) Providing Live Views And Safety: The live map shows management the location of every driver in the field. This ensures drivers stay on the right track. The reports provide safety by recording driver behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and other aggressive driving behaviors. With this data, management can take action to reduce insurance claims, driver injury, and vehicle repairs.

GPS tracking makes completing jobs and efficient routing simple rather than taking up countless hours. It’s also an effective way to save time on routing and provide extra security measures. As an added bonus, by making your fleet team improve it’s possible to take on more jobs and really rake in the profits. It’s never been easier to earn return on investment from a product and make more money at the same time. It’s a fantastic time to start thinking about how you could be doing business better with GPS tracking.

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Fleets Are Making Strides With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Paving a better future

It may seem scary for some fleet owners to make changes to the way they’ve been doing business for years, but the fact is that things change overtime and you either adapt or get left behind. About 15 years ago it would have been easy to be successful without technology, but your fleet really could make strides with GPS trackers. It’s time to face reality in that sometimes, technology brings the gift of ease with it. In this case, GPS trackers are paving a better future for fleet companies.

Do you have guys that say they don’t deal with computers? No problem. Even the most technologically challenged person can quickly learn to use GPS trackers. The devices are user-friendly, but if “do-it-yourself” work isn’t part of your vocabulary then you’re in luck, because US Fleet Tracking offers a technical support team to answer all of your questions. Furthermore, ongoing training is provided to show different ways of using GPS trackers.

Some things that we go over include how managers can benefit from knowing things like fuel consumption percentages from vehicles, driver habits, and having the ability to be reminded of schedules by GPS alerts. The benefits aren’t just for management or fleet owners, either! The drivers also get the advantage of being able to communicate with dispatchers via two-way communicators instead of fiddling with a cell phone while trying to drive. Safety features like Panic alerts give drivers a way to instantly send an emergency signal should an unfavorable situation arise.

With the assistance of GPS trackers to monitor your fleet, you can have information at your finger tips in seconds; not days and not hours! Know where drivers are always located, decrease maintenance costs, reduce fuel costs with route planning and so much more. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more exceptional than receiving real value for your money.

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GPS Trackers With First-Rate Mapping

GPS trackers: Ditch the personal navigational system

Think your personal navigation system can do everything that GPS trackers can do? That’s cute, but it’s wrong. If you’re still using a personal navigation system for your fleets, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. The pretty facade and a silly voice is all you get. You may ask “well what’s wrong about that?” The answer is that tracking units, like ours, have features that don’t make you work harder than necessary to stay up-to-date with first-rate mapping. Here are a few ways that GPS trackers are superior.

1.) Automatic Updates: Personal navigation systems don’t have maps that automatically update to show current traffic conditions, road hazards or other structural changes. Guess what? GPS trackers do! These devices aren’t just equipped with pre-set maps, they’re automatically kept up to date.

2.) Automatic Data: 1, 5, or 10 second updates are offered to you when you use GPS trackers. Not only will drivers know current traffic and weather conditions, but management will know the exact location of every driver thanks to live integration.

3.) Automatic Searches: Does your personal navigation system allow you to quickly search your area for gas stations? GPS trackers allow the driver to find anything in the area on the map. The best part is that it also displays whether the location is open or closed.

With trackers you don’t get just one streamline route! You get a live map with many options to help your fleet drivers be more efficient. There really is no chance of getting lost either with the most up to date maps being delivered instantly. Personal navigation devices may be a cheaper option, but clearly they certainly aren’t superior. Are you ready to ditch the personal navigation system?

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GPS Tracking For The Railcar Industry

GPS tracking: Full steam ahead!

Most people only think about trains when they feel as though they’re being inconvenienced by them as the railroad crossing gates come down. The truth is that the railroad is still a vital source of transporting goods across the United States. According to the US Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration, the rail industry is still considered an efficient way of moving heavy freight over long distances. Have you ever thought about how GPS tracking makes it possible for all of those goods society enjoys to arrive to their destinations safely?

You might think, why doesn’t the US take care of this? The fact is that freight railroads are private organizations and they’re responsible for their own maintenance and improvement projects. GPS tracking certainly would be considered an improvement! First of all, the software can help improve visibility of railcars. With real-time updates, the location of a moving train is easy to follow on the map. Geofence alerts also engage operators with updates like a train entering and exiting rail yards.

Not only are the trains important, but the cargo is precious, too. GPS tracking software can allow operators to maintain an ongoing list of inventory and organize the different types of goods into the appropriate cars. With GPS tracking the likelihood of lost items is dramatically decreased. Upon delivery, a time stamped invoice can be recorded into the system which can be immediately seen by remote users.

There’s a lot more that GPS tracking can help conductors optimize their jobs. For example, GPS tracking helps with things like protecting railcars with monitoring, locating them in real-time as they travel across country, and keeping cargo organized for proper delivery. With these benefits provided to the railcar industry, it’s full steam ahead for private companies to obtain a slice of the pie that makes the railcar industry consist of billions of dollars per year.

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GPS Tracking Enticing Hard Working Individuals: Part 2

GPS tracking: Retain the finest workers

According to the 2015 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis Report, the first driver shortage was documented in 2005. By 2011, it slowly recovered only to fall again. By 2014, the shortage skyrocketed to 38,000. Now, more than ever it is vital to retaining the finest workers possible, but doing so takes some work on the fleet owner’s part. In part 1, we talked about how GPS tracking has ways to please the best drivers and entice hard working individuals to stick around. Today, we’re going to talk about 2 more ways GPS tracking technology makes being a fleet worker better.

Providing Safety: Showing that safety is a top priority shows that you care about protecting your drivers from harm. GPS tracking can help drivers become more aware of their driving habits like speeding and harsh braking. Knowing is half the battle, so once drivers know there is an issue it can be addressed, making certain that drivers remain as safe as possible in the field. Panic alerts provided by GPS tracking, provide an extra level of safety for drivers, should they ever find themselves in a compromising position. Additionally, maintenance alerts can help everyone to remember when vehicle maintenance is due. Doing so will ensure that all company vehicles are safe to stay in operation.

Increasing Incentive: Keeping the finest workers around may take the implementation of an incentive program. Measuring driver performance might be difficult if you’re doing things manually, but if you’re using GPS tracking this can be achieved easily. Simply utilize the recorded data for up to 90 days back and award the driver with the best statistics. If you’re worried that you won’t have to funds to have an incentive program, think about the fact that your dedicated employees will be more likely to work more productively, therefore; increasing the chance for more jobs to be completed and more revenue to come in.

By allowing GPS tracking to provide an organized work environment, protect employee reputations, provide safety, and increase revenue opportunities for incentive programs you’re doing more than enough to retain the finest workers. Enticing hard working individuals may not be any easier! Now are you ready to get started with GPS tracking?

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GPS Tracking Enticing Hard Working Individuals: Part 1

GPS tracking: Retain the finest workers

Keeping hard working truck drivers on board is becoming a difficult task. According to the 2015 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis Report, the last 15 years has shown that the trucking industry has periodically struggled with a shortage of truck drivers. Retaining the finest workers is going to require dedication on the fleet owner’s part to show drivers that they really care. GPS tracking has plenty of features to please the best drivers and entice hard working individuals to stick around. Today, we’re going to talk about 2 ways GPS tracking technology makes being a fleet worker better.

Providing Organization: Drivers get an easier ride with GPS tracking organizing their work lives. Starting with clocking in for the day, the GPS tracking software time stamps billable hours so employees can do away with manual time sheets. Throughout the day management and drivers can both obtain shared data, instantly. For example, invoices, inventory lists, customer contact information, and more can be uploaded and seen by users. Dispatching can also perform their jobs much quicker by reducing or eliminating all cell phone calls thanks to the two-way communication feature.

Protecting Reputation: No one likes work drama. Employees tend to remain employees longer when they don’t have to deal with all the fuss. With that being said, it’s bound to happen and that’s when it matters how the fleet manager handles things. If a seemingly unsatisfied customer should call in a false claim against a driver, the GPS tracking system records all the driver statistics and could easily help to negate that false claim. Protect your employees’ reputations by having GPS tracking. Letting them know that you’ve got their back is a great way to entice the best in the field to stay.

Having a well thought out plan put into practice can make a positive impact on the automation process as well as in keeping employees satisfied. Not only will the business become more efficient than ever, but those hard working individuals you want will be drawn in by your willingness to be the best. Ready to get started with GPS tracking? If not, come back for part 2 to learn more!

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GPS Tracker Devices Let You Provide Better Customer Service

GPS tracker: Service at its finest

Some companies may be on the lookout for ways to cut costs, others may be looking for enhanced safety features, but at the root of everything are your customers. What good are the other benefits if you don’t have anyone buying your goods or services? Providing the best customer service that you can muster is in order and the good news is that GPS tracker devices are helping fleet companies, just like yours, to provide better customer service. Let’s take a look at how that works.

Your dispatchers will have a bird’s eye view on where drivers are located and which are available to take on a new assignment. This is thanks to the GPS tracker live map! This is great for those last minute clients who may not only add to your current bottom line, but also bring you future business and new clients. Furthermore, the implementation of GPS tracker devices will give drivers the confidence they need to navigate safely and efficiently to their locations. When drivers know where they are going, they feel more competent in their assignments.

Good reviews are hard to come by, because the truth is that people would rather complain. So, you need all the leverage you can get to keep customers satisfied. Happier and quicker drivers leads to service with a smile, in a more timely manner, too. Guess what? Customers eat up that kind of quality and they’ll be likely to remember your company next time they need a service or product like yours again. Even better, they’ll tell their friends and family! No matter what your initial reason is for looking into GPS tracker devices, you will find what you are looking for and much more when you start using the features to provide the best customer service. GPS trackers simply are service at its finest.

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Roofing Contractors: Part 2

GPS tracker: Maximize operating standards

Roofing contractors may find themselves getting a lot of calls for work this summer as a result of damage that has shown up over time for homeowners. With calls pouring in, it’s even more important to maintain a productive workforce and keep employees safe as they make their way to their roofing destinations. The answer to doing so lies within GPS tracker devices. Today, we’ll be talking about 2 ways GPS tracker software can increase productivity and safety for roofers.

(1.) Increase Employees Productivity: As mentioned in part 1, GPS tracker devices allow management to see the exact start and stop time of jobs. It may seem surprising, but many companies report that their roofers work more efficiently when they know that their vehicle activity is being tracked. This can even open up the possibility for more work to be completed in one day, as jobs get completed and more room is uncovered in the schedule.

(2.) Increase Employee Safety: Ensuring that your roofers are safe goes beyond using the safe practices on the job site. They have to get to the job site, safely, first! If workers are driving recklessly, not only does the potential for fines and liability costs increase, but car accident risks increase. With GPS tracker alerts and reports, management can monitor driving statistics.

Developing a business properly takes dedication and the willingness to do things right. Roofing companies need to be able to know what goes on during a typical work day for their employees. Knowing this information can help you close the gaps around any practices that may be allowing your business to lose money. With GPS tracker software increasing productivity and safety are part of the future. Roofing contractors can realize true benefits from GPS trackers and see savings in the first month.

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Roofing Contractors: Part 1

GPS tracker: Maximize operating standards

A lot of homeowners may not realize the damage to their roof until the summer heat has melted the exposed tar underneath a hole created by hail a while ago. This creates a special opportunity for roofing companies, but how do you manage your employees to maximize operating standards? The answer lies within GPS tracker devices. Today, we’ll be talking about 2 ways GPS tracker software can reduce or eliminate wasteful and inefficient habits.

(1.) Cut Down On Labor Costs: Are your employees turning a 2 hour repair job into an all day ordeal for the paycheck? Overtime fraud can cost your business a lot out of your profits. Using GPS tracker devices, management can see the exact start and end time of every employee’s work day, so that they can pay for only the hours that were actually worked.

(2.) Cut Out Personal Vehicles Use: Maybe your contracted roofer decided he wanted to take the company truck on some personal errands after the job was completed? This isn’t something you’d have to question with a GPS tracker in the truck. Personal vehicle use wouldn’t be able to steal your revenue, because you’d have a live map with constant updates to tell you when and where your vehicles are running, all day.

Becoming a better business starts with how you operate on a daily basis. Roofing companies have to be able to rely on their roofers to actually be working when they say they’re working. With GPS tracker software, labor costs and personal vehicle use are worries of the past. Roofing contractors can realize true benefits from GPS trackers and see savings in the first month. Still not convinced? Stick around for part 2 of this series, when we will explain 2 more ways that this technology can help maximize operating standards for roofers.

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GPS Tracking For Summer Maintenance Needs

GPS tracking: Reminders for all fleet maintenance

For many of us, this year has seemingly flown by and it’s hard to believe summer is already here. It can be easy to forget to things, even as something as important as fleet maintenance, when you’re constantly on the go. If you haven’t addressed your maintenance issues since before spring, it may be a good time to think about them right now. If you have GPS tracking, you probably already received your maintenance reminder alerts. GPS tracking is great for reminding you of all fleet maintenance needs. Here are just a few of those important maintenance needs you might need to check on, in case you don’t have GPS tracking maintenance reminders set to tell you.

1.) Clean It: Mud, dirt, dust, and bugs all make fleet trucks filthy. When faced with car wash options, make sure you opt for a full undercarriage wash, as well. Additionally, waxing the outside of the vehicle will lend another layer of protection.

2.) Change It: Test and change any damaged or old wiper blades, brake pads, air filters, oil, washer fluids, radiator fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, hoses, belts, and batteries.

3.) Check It: Check all the tires for proper air pressure and tire tread. Replace or repair them when necessary. Rotate tires if it has been a while since the last rotation so that you can maintain a balance of wear and tear.

We know it can be exhausting trying to keep up with all this routine vehicle maintenance on your own. GPS tracking makes it simple, because there is no limit to how many reminders can be set. Perhaps, you already utilize GPS tracking to stay on top of your maintenance needs, but there’s something on our list that you haven’t thought about. There’s a lot of regular maintenance needed to keep your fleets running optimally and now you can do it easier.

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