Gain A Better Understanding Of GPS Tracker Reports: Part 2

GPS tracker reports 2

GPS tracker: The many report options

The most important thing about being a fleet manager is keeping up with all the drivers. That can be difficult with so many moving parts, but with GPS tracker reports you will have knowledge of where your vehicles are being driven on a daily basis. In part one of this series we talked about how reports can be used to monitor speeding, aggressive driving, and idling. Today, we’re going to help you gain a better understanding of GPS tracker reports by talking about 3 more of them and what they can do for you.

Report # 1: Zone Activity

Do you want to know when or where a vehicle was if it left a designated area? That’s not a problem with geofences. These are a fantastic feature for GPS tracker devices and with the zone activity report you can view past incidences. You will be able to see a list of all your devices and all of your zones for a complete understanding.

Report # 2: Mileage

Knowing distance traveled is important for many business calculations and possibly even tax records. With GPS tracker mileage reports you will be able to how far your vehicles drove in a single day as well as the average speed driven for the day. Knowing this information may be able to help you see where you can cut down on unnecessary driving and save some money.

Report # 3: Vapor Trail

When you open the GPS tracker report options this one will be open for you to view activity in it for up to 90 days. This is a complete graphic report that starts out by showing you a pink line on a map and within that line is data to show everywhere your device has traveled within whatever time frame you have selected.

With GPS tracker devices it’s quite simple for fleet managers to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and even aim to extend the life of company vehicles. Work tasks just become easier with this technology in place. With a better understanding of the reports, perhaps you’ll be able to achieve even more, monitor employee accountability, and protect vehicles from theft. Go forth and become the best fleet company you can be.

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