How GPS Trackers Overcome Business Hurdles: Part 2

GPS trackers- Hurdles 2

GPS trackers: Problem solvers

GPS trackers are an easy, yet ingenious use of technology that allows fleet business owners to take full control to overcome many business hurdles. In part one of this series, we discussed how increasing fuel prices and unanticipated vehicle breakdowns are both common problems, yet with the help of GPS trackers they are diminished. There are several other ways that these devices can help businesses see even more improvement. Today, we’re going to talk about two more business hurdles and talk about how GPS trackers can help users to overcome them.

Hurdle: Poor Customer Service

Customers are the “bread and butter” of your business, unless you’re not serving them with the best service possible. Poor customer service can happen just from having an unorganized team sending technicians that are farther away than necessary. When customers have to wait long periods of time to be helped it’s bound to lead to some negative reviews. GPS trackers can rescue you from this scenario by providing a live map showing all vehicles in the field. You’d have the opportunity to send the closest technician, keeping customers happier.

Hurdle: Unnecessary Overtime Payouts

Taking advantage of the work day by stretching out jobs to do less work and get paid for more hours is something that can happen when there is no accountability for employees. Manual time sheets allowing the “honor system” to be used may be costing you unnecessary overtime payouts. GPS trackers reduce the likelihood of this happening as the system records starting and stopping times for jobs completed in the field. It’s a simple way to save your business some money on labor.

Whether your fleet is big or small, you may still feel the same struggles from fuel prices, vehicle breakdowns, poor customer service, and overtime expenses. Sometimes it can be difficult for fleet managers to have a true understanding about what is going on in the field without the usage of GPS trackers. Give these devices a try if you feel it’s time to overcome your business hurdles.

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