Live And Scheduled GPS Tracker Alerts On Hand

GPS Tracker- Alerts

GPS tracker: The lowdown on alerts

GPS tracker devices are one of the best tools to help fleets become really efficient. This is especially true now, thanks to the 3G network that allows for strong connection and accuracy. Taking advantage of the newest technology around makes it even easier to utilize live and scheduled alerts which are one of the greatest reasons to have GPS tracker devices. Here, we’ll explain a little more about why it’s so awesome having both live and scheduled GPS tracker alerts on hand.

1.) Live Alerts: This feature ensures safety and positively impacts your management team’s ability to monitor employee productivity. They can see locations of all vehicles, when they move, where they move and the way drivers are driving. Updates are rapid, keeping you in the loop at all times.

When live alerts aren’t necessary, that’s when scheduled alerts come in handy.

2.) Scheduled Alerts: With GPS tracker devices, you can say goodbye to tedious to-do lists and reminder checklists, because the system can be set-up to contain your reminders and send you emails or texts when it’s time to complete a task. Vehicle maintenance is the biggest reminder alert that comes to mind in regards to scheduled alerts.

The limit to alerts is just your imagination.

If you’re fleet business is in need of improvement and you’d like something that can ease the burden of stress all around, you might consider GPS tracker devices. They are a great investment and make your busy afternoons much simpler to handle. Get information like driver braking patterns, their speeds, vehicle fuel consumption and more. With the assistance of daily live and scheduled alerts the hard work will be covered so that business owners can focus on making sure management is working towards other ways to increase business profits while the fleet team is working effortlessly.

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