How GPS Trackers Make Dispatching Simpler

GPS Trackers-Dispatch

GPS trackers: Help diminish complications

Let’s not beat around the bush, we all know that in today’s digitally advanced world people aren’t great at communicating with one another without some piece of technology. Have you ever heard the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them”? The good news is that by accepting GPS trackers into your life, you aren’t giving in to something terrible. Your fleet business can actually benefit from falling in line with this popular new trend. In fact, at the core of your fleet business is dispatching and any problems you once had with communication can be a thing of the past thanks to GPS trackers.

GPS trackers help to diminish complications like trying to figure out which driver was meant to go where, because the system will send all the information needed via 10, 5, or 1-second updates. When a customer calls in, dispatchers can view the live map to see which worker would be closest and most convenient to send. Dispatchers can also rapidly program driving routes and place the customer’s appointment onto a digital schedule for the driver to see. If need be, dispatchers can also communicate with drivers while they are out of the road via the two-way communicator.

All of the actions mentioned above only take a few minutes compared to the half hour it might take to organize a job for one driver. The nice part about the routing options is that in case of heavy traffic or road hazards the route can be optimized to avoid such obstacles. With this option, drivers can be navigated around the troublesome spots, allowing for an extra level of safety and ease.

Without these devices, some drivers would be more likely to take wrong turns and compromise an efficient work flow. You don’t have to imagine the countless hours of manually planning routes for drivers. Dispatching has never been easier than with the use of GPS trackers.

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