Using GPS Tracking To Motivate Employees

GPS Tracking-Motivating Employees

GPS tracking: Giving drivers recognition

A study conducted by an associate professor of accounting, Karen Sedatole, at Michigan State University concluded that employees are motivated more by rewards than by penalties. Having negative things said about their work is that last thing a decent employee wants to hear. So, hard working employees will put in more effort to avoid the penalty associated with rotten customer service. With that being said, the modern way of allowing fleet management to measure the success of their drivers lies within GPS tracking technology.

How is the etiquette of your drivers out there are on the road? The answer can be found in your GPS tracking system. You have the choice of viewing historical playback of recorded data or watching live GPS tracking maps to be provided with the ability to check up on driver behaviors right away. Alerts can also be set to be sent to managers in regards to driver speed, braking, and lane shifts. The live map shows all drivers in a fleet and every 10, 5, or 1 second updates can be provided.

Using the report system, managers can have proof of statistics when it comes time to do employee reviews. Having the information from the GPS tracking system allows management to highlight the areas where drivers excel and since most employees are said to be motivated by positive reviews, it’s likely to spur on a cycle of awesome productivity. Moreover, if drivers know that their managers are taking time to notice their hard work it’s likely that they’ll find greater value in the review process, in the first place.

It’s simple to understand how GPS trackers can give companies an entire overhaul in the way their business functions and how their fleet managers can utilize them to award some much deserved driver recognition.

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