2 Ways GPS Trackers Can Help Catering Companies

GPS trackers: Summer event coordinators

The summer season is about to kick off and with the warmer weather comes more people planning large scale events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversary parties. To make these events go off without a hitch, people tend to hire catering companies. There is a lot to do when trying to balance food orders coming and going while maintaining that the staff is on point. GPS trackers can help catering companies cook up a great game plan. Are you curious how they could work for your catering company? Here are 2 ways these devices come to the rescue.

1.) Expense Management: With GPS trackers, it’s easier to keep a close eye on where money is being spent. This makes it possible for you to reduce wasted dollars, when need be. Not only do you need to know about food purchases, but you need to know that every mile driven to a customer’s big event is being optimized for savings. GPS trackers help you monitor fuel usage and plan routes efficiently. Another way to manage expenses is by being able to record the time your employees work, which can be automatically recorded as soon as a vehicle starts up.

2.) Schedule Optimization: Driving anywhere and arriving on time is a gamble with traffic conditions constantly fluctuating. At least with GPS trackers, there is a chance for you to plan routes around heavy traffic congestion and road hazards so that your catering team can arrive timely to deliver food to customers. Getting live 10, 5, or 1 second updates makes a big difference. Food delivery isn’t the only schedule you have to worry about! You also have to remember to set aside time for vehicle repairs so that those deliveries can be possible. Easily schedule maintenance reminders so that you can keep your catering vehicles in good working condition.

Taking control of your catering company is as easy as a few clicks on an easy to operate screen. GPS trackers make providing catering for summer events a breeze. Keeping track of your expenses and maintaining a tight schedule are only a few benefits that come from owning these wonderful devices. In the first 30 days, you could already see return on investment! Get started, today.

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GPS Tracking With The FLS Microjet

GPS tracking: Monitoring the world’s smallest jet

US Fleet Tracking has taken great pride in sponsoring, what has been renowned as the “World’s Smallest Jet”, in various places and fun events. Over the years it has gained quite a reputation and acquired quite a few followers via GPS tracking software. In light of everything this aerobatic Microjet has done, we’re taking a little “trip” down memory lane to share some of it’s wonderful adventures with you.

In the summer of 2013, US Fleet Tracking invited aviation fans to use their live, online GPS tracking system to monitor the Microjet’s three-day flight. The plane flew from US Fleet Tracking’s headquarters, in Oklahoma City, to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI.

In 2014, US Fleet Tracking’s FLS Microjet was part of the opening act in an airshow performance at the WBCA Stars & Stripes Airshow Spectacular in Laredo, Texas. The fans were, again, encouraged to make use of GPS tracking software online to track the high-energy action of the Microjet.

Since then, the little jet has become a part of many other airshows for many fans to see. The most popular show in the Oklahoma City area is the Discover Aviation & Airshow Spectacular. This year, the show will be held on May 28th and 29th at Sundance Airport. You will have a chance to watch this Microjet in action, learn about different careers in aviation, meet career pilots, visit the kids zone and enjoy culinary delights from favorite local food truck vendors. Of course, US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking system will be in use, too.

If you’re interested in the show, click this link to find out more. To get a sneak peak at the FLS Microjet, watch this video. If you’re interested in what GPS tracking can do, feel free to get in touch with US Fleet Tracking.

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GPS Trackers Offer Benefits To The Construction Industry: Part 2

GPS trackers: Companies using technology

In part one of this series, we talked about a few benefits provided by GPS trackers for the construction industry and in part two of this series, we’re going to talk about 2 more. Not knowing when to replace equipment or handle routine maintenance can be a major pitfall for any company, but it really impacts construction companies with their large equipment. If one vital piece of equipment isn’t operational, a whole job will be delayed. Coupled with keeping maintenance under wraps is keeping equipment safe from theft. That’s where GPS trackers come into play.

1.) Maintenance: With GPS trackers, maintenance and equipment replacement costs can be monitored more closely. The way that works is that alerts can be set to remind management of maintenance needed so as not to avoid it or forget it. Additionally, distributed usage of vehicles and equipment can be tracked to prevent overuse or underuse.

2.) Protection: Geofence alerts can be set for more than just fuel usage monitoring. In fact, they can be set to keep track of vehicle or equipment during off-hours. This sends an alert if equipment is moving when it isn’t supposed to be. Stolen equipment can be easily traced and returned.

Taking care of heavy duty vehicles and equipment is a big job, but much more doable with the help of technology. Removing the option to skip repairs and have to pay more in repair costs, later, is a fantastic gift to receive. Likewise, GPS trackers allowing theft prevention is a major relief. It is truly incredible how many ways GPS trackers can help the construction industry. Do you want to join the leaders of the pack and obtain a great way to save time and money? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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GPS Trackers Offer Benefits To The Construction Industry: Part 1

GPS trackers: Companies using technology

The benefits provided by GPS trackers aren’t excluded to just one type of industry, in fact, it’s no secret that many construction companies have determined these devices help them build a viable business by progressing operational duties. Aside from completing jobs efficiently, there are a lot of pieces of equipment construction companies are reliable for and GPS trackers help to keep up with all of them. In part one of this series, we’re going to talk about 3 out 5 benefits the construction industry gets from these wonderful devices.

1.) Dispatching: With GPS trackers, management can control their fleets without having to make one hundred phones calls. The dispatching team can be set up to quickly locate vehicles or equipment on the live map. Sending one worker or a whole team to a job site is as simple as scheduling the job, clicking to plot out a route, and watching the drivers en route.

2.) Billing: Paperwork getting lost is not a worry with a digital system like GPS trackers. They recorded data will show how long your company was on site, which workers were clocked in, and when they stopped working. This makes billing more accurate and allows you to provide solid proof to customers so there is less chance of a dispute.

3.) Fuel: Wanting to save money on fuel isn’t a selfish act, it makes perfect sense. Luckily, GPS trackers can help in that area, too. By monitoring idle times, one can drastically cut down on this habit which saves fuel from being burned unnecessarily. Management can also look to see which vehicles are being used and set geofence alerts to eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage.

Improving on dispatching, billing, and fuel usage are only a few ways that these devices make life easier for companies in the construction industry. Their worries are decreased dramatically with GPS trackers. If you want to know more about the benefits for this industry, please stick around for part 2 of this series!

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3 Ways GPS Tracking Helps Run A Better Fleet

GPS tracking: Helping with fleet management

GPS tracking has been helpful for many companies with fleet management. Many reports indicate that customers have become happier, employee accountability has become easier to manage, and management has been able to monitor activity in the field a lot easier. Perhaps you’ve heard about these advantages before, but you’d like to learn more about how GPS tracking can get you that extra mile. If so, read on as we’re going to talk about the 3 ways these devices can help you run a better fleet.

1.) Happier Customers: Making sure drivers are timely is a great way to keep the day on schedule, open up the possibility for more jobs, and keep customers happy. A driver needs to arrive on time to maintain a positive image for customers. If traffic conditions seem to be a problem, drivers can be diverted from hazards with a quick change to planned routing. With a GPS tracking system in place, management can know exactly when a driver arrives at their location so it makes it easier to know that customers are being serviced according to promise.

2.) Employee Accountability: GPS tracking allows for an automatic time stamp to be recorded when a job starts. Time stamps are a great way to keep employees accountable during the day. Optimizing routes isn’t just good for keeping customers happy, this option can be used to get workers to jobs quicker and increase the possibility of adding more jobs.

3.) Field Activity: Driver habits are recorded so that problems with speeding, harsh braking, or idling are eliminated. This maintains safety is a top priority. Managers can pull up the live map in a matter of seconds and see the location of all drivers, too. With GPS tracking managers have great insight into what goes on in the field.

These 3 ways to run a better fleet sound pretty easy and awesome, right? The good news is that if you thought that, you’re not wrong! It is easy to learn the GPS tracking system and the benefits are pretty incredible. Fleet companies can become more efficient with the use of a system like ours.

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Live And Scheduled GPS Tracker Alerts On Hand

GPS tracker: The lowdown on alerts

GPS tracker devices are one of the best tools to help fleets become really efficient. This is especially true now, thanks to the 3G network that allows for strong connection and accuracy. Taking advantage of the newest technology around makes it even easier to utilize live and scheduled alerts which are one of the greatest reasons to have GPS tracker devices. Here, we’ll explain a little more about why it’s so awesome having both live and scheduled GPS tracker alerts on hand.

1.) Live Alerts: This feature ensures safety and positively impacts your management team’s ability to monitor employee productivity. They can see locations of all vehicles, when they move, where they move and the way drivers are driving. Updates are rapid, keeping you in the loop at all times.

When live alerts aren’t necessary, that’s when scheduled alerts come in handy.

2.) Scheduled Alerts: With GPS tracker devices, you can say goodbye to tedious to-do lists and reminder checklists, because the system can be set-up to contain your reminders and send you emails or texts when it’s time to complete a task. Vehicle maintenance is the biggest reminder alert that comes to mind in regards to scheduled alerts.

The limit to alerts is just your imagination.

If you’re fleet business is in need of improvement and you’d like something that can ease the burden of stress all around, you might consider GPS tracker devices. They are a great investment and make your busy afternoons much simpler to handle. Get information like driver braking patterns, their speeds, vehicle fuel consumption and more. With the assistance of daily live and scheduled alerts the hard work will be covered so that business owners can focus on making sure management is working towards other ways to increase business profits while the fleet team is working effortlessly.

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How GPS Trackers Make Dispatching Simpler

GPS trackers: Help diminish complications

Let’s not beat around the bush, we all know that in today’s digitally advanced world people aren’t great at communicating with one another without some piece of technology. Have you ever heard the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them”? The good news is that by accepting GPS trackers into your life, you aren’t giving in to something terrible. Your fleet business can actually benefit from falling in line with this popular new trend. In fact, at the core of your fleet business is dispatching and any problems you once had with communication can be a thing of the past thanks to GPS trackers.

GPS trackers help to diminish complications like trying to figure out which driver was meant to go where, because the system will send all the information needed via 10, 5, or 1-second updates. When a customer calls in, dispatchers can view the live map to see which worker would be closest and most convenient to send. Dispatchers can also rapidly program driving routes and place the customer’s appointment onto a digital schedule for the driver to see. If need be, dispatchers can also communicate with drivers while they are out of the road via the two-way communicator.

All of the actions mentioned above only take a few minutes compared to the half hour it might take to organize a job for one driver. The nice part about the routing options is that in case of heavy traffic or road hazards the route can be optimized to avoid such obstacles. With this option, drivers can be navigated around the troublesome spots, allowing for an extra level of safety and ease.

Without these devices, some drivers would be more likely to take wrong turns and compromise an efficient work flow. You don’t have to imagine the countless hours of manually planning routes for drivers. Dispatching has never been easier than with the use of GPS trackers.

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GPS Trackers Helping With Fleet Business Improvement

GPS trackers: Making customers happy

Isn’t it nice to be rewarded? There are several rewards that come along as a consequence of utilizing GPS trackers for your fleets. If your desire is to improve your fleet business and tackle ongoing challenges in a more productive way GPS trackers can play a significant role in helping you. Here are 2 ways that these devices can do wonders for your fleet business.

1.) They Are Time Savers: Time is of the essence and it’s the one thing we all wish we had more of, especially in business as time is money. If your company is a delivery business then the time involved for drivers to complete deliveries makes a difference in your bottom line. If you are able to monitor the delivery activities with GPS trackers, you will be able to improve efficiency by tweaking your methods until you have satisfaction. Route planning, for example, is one of the most useful features for drivers to utilize in order to arrive to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.

2.) They Are Performance Enhancers: Of course, drivers arriving on time to customer locations for delivery drop off is important for job performance. GPS trackers allows management to see all drivers on the live, 3G map and maintain that everyone is sticking to their schedules. Need to optimize start and end times at job-sites? No problem! Using the tracking devices, employees will want to complete jobs efficiently as they know their performance is being monitored.

As an added bonus to both of the mentioned rewards for utilizing GPS trackers, customers will be more pleased. What customers think about your business is important these days and one negative review makes your reputation look questionable. When you save time and your employees are working harder to make customers happy by getting goods or services delivered timely, you will be able to bring in more capital. Are you ready to improve?

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Using GPS Tracking To Motivate Employees

GPS tracking: Giving drivers recognition

A study conducted by an associate professor of accounting, Karen Sedatole, at Michigan State University concluded that employees are motivated more by rewards than by penalties. Having negative things said about their work is that last thing a decent employee wants to hear. So, hard working employees will put in more effort to avoid the penalty associated with rotten customer service. With that being said, the modern way of allowing fleet management to measure the success of their drivers lies within GPS tracking technology.

How is the etiquette of your drivers out there are on the road? The answer can be found in your GPS tracking system. You have the choice of viewing historical playback of recorded data or watching live GPS tracking maps to be provided with the ability to check up on driver behaviors right away. Alerts can also be set to be sent to managers in regards to driver speed, braking, and lane shifts. The live map shows all drivers in a fleet and every 10, 5, or 1 second updates can be provided.

Using the report system, managers can have proof of statistics when it comes time to do employee reviews. Having the information from the GPS tracking system allows management to highlight the areas where drivers excel and since most employees are said to be motivated by positive reviews, it’s likely to spur on a cycle of awesome productivity. Moreover, if drivers know that their managers are taking time to notice their hard work it’s likely that they’ll find greater value in the review process, in the first place.

It’s simple to understand how GPS trackers can give companies an entire overhaul in the way their business functions and how their fleet managers can utilize them to award some much deserved driver recognition.

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GPS Trackers Offer A Resourceful Approach To Work

GPS trackers: Allowing drivers to work efficiently

If your fleet vehicles aren’t equipped with GPS trackers then it’s possible that your customers are suffering from longer than average wait times for services to be completed. If your technicians are already in the field and another customer call comes in, how do you know which driver is the closest? Which person does it make the most sense for you to send? Does that particular driver even have the inventory in his vehicle to properly help the customer? With GPS trackers none of these questions would have to be asked.

Delaying repair jobs due to the unknown would be a thing of the past with GPS trackers. These handy devices offer you a resourceful approach to your daily work. If management needs to know where drivers are located in order to quickly dispatch the closest employee to a customer’s job site that’s not a problem thanks to live maps. Management and dispatchers can both see if a vehicle is parked at a customer’s address or if a vehicle is en route.

GPS trackers can do much more than help you keep an eye on your fleets in the field. In fact, data storage can be done within the system to help keep track of tools and other equipment in each vehicle. This way, if parts are needed to repair something for a customer, you don’t have to second guess as to whether a driver has the necessary inventory. Furthermore, a driver doesn’t have to make multiple trips to a customer’s location just to go pick up parts they didn’t have on hand.

The objective, for most fleet industries, is to be equipped with an operating system that will allow them to take charge and have drivers be able to work in a more efficient way. Luckily, GPS trackers can offer valuable features to aid businesses in achieving this goal. Will you be the next company to reap the benefits?

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