4 Reasons The GPS Tracker Map Is Awesome

GPS tracker map

GPS tracker: Connect fleets

Making the decision to install GPS tracker devices for your fleets will be rewarding for more than one reason. The most basic feature is something many people, most likely, take for granted these days. Our society has become so used to having digital maps that people, including your fleet, may not stop to think about how truly great having this live GPS tracker map truly is for business. Here are 4 reasons that the GPS tracker map is awesome!

1.) Variety of map views: The nice part about GPS tracker maps is that you can take your pick from the simplistic Map View (most commonly chosen), the aerial view called Birdseye, the Satellite view, or the Hybrid view. The goal is that you want to be able to see everything that is going on out there on the road and with any one of these choices you will be provided with a great view of a location.

2.) Getting directions: You will never get lost when using GPS tracker maps. If the planned routing tool isn’t handy enough, there is always the option for two-way communication between the dispatcher and the driver. Drivers will have all the details of a route needed to get to their destination quickly and safely.

3.) Traffic updates: It’s important for your fleet team to make it to scheduled appointments or events. Using a GPS tracker map feature for traffic updates means that a driver will have access to information about the traffic ahead. The details reveal how heavy the traffic is in the region requested.

4.) Simple to use: As if having all of the mentioned capabilities weren’t good enough, the system is simple to learn how to use. With very little training users can jump right in and start controlling the most basic aspects of the map.

The live, 3G map helps to connect fleets. It’s like having the whole world in your hands. The best part is that it can even go mobile so if you’re always stuck on your cell phone, you can still receive updates about what happens in the field. If you haven’t “plugged in” to the latest technology provided by our GPS tracker system, your business could be missing out on a lot of savings.

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