How Security Services Utilize GPS Tracking: Part 2

GPS tracking- security

GPS tracking: Options and solutions

A private security company can provide anything from bodyguards to parking security. No matter whether they are in the business to offer protection for personnel or assets, enabling the team members to do their jobs the most efficient way possible should be a top priority. In part one of this series, we explained how a lot of security companies are already on board with GPS tracking solutions to monitor their team members and how it gives map control and device management options to make work easier.

In part two of this series we’re going to go over three more GPS tracking features that lend a helping hand for security services. With dispatching, alerts and reports management will have more pieces to the puzzle than ever before. Here’s how the usage of these GPS tracking features help security services:

1.) Dispatching: Does your security team member need to get to a location quickly and safely? Easy enough. With live map capability dispatching has access to current traffic conditions to help navigate them around congested traffic and through the shortest, safest paths.

2.) Alerts: With GPS tracking alerts, you can set Geofences to make sure that drivers don’t get lost or stray too far from planned routes. Maintenance alerts can also be set-up so that your drivers don’t get stranded due to forgetting to get their vehicles serviced.

3.) Reports: Safety is key, right? With reports management of security teams can gain access to the driver history (up to 90 days). This includes driver behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, idling, and more.

GPS tracking being placed in company vehicles is a smart move as it allows security companies the ability to protect business time, their personnel, and keep customers satisfied thanks to a job well done. GPS tracking offers many options from map control, device management, dispatching, alerts, and reports. If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call!

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