Key Points To Sell Your Boss On The Idea Of GPS Trackers

GPS trackers- benefits

GPS trackers: Benefits for all to enjoy

Are you sold on the idea of GPS trackers, but your boss isn’t? Sometimes it can be difficult to win your boss over, but you shouldn’t be afraid to bring your ideas to the table. In case you get all tongue tied when faced with the opportunity to speak to the fleet business owner, we’ve put together some key points to address in your next meeting that may just help you sell your boss on the idea of GPS trackers. These points can help the business improve employee productivity, increase driver safety, save money on fuel costs, and make business better all around.

  • Keeping up with vehicle maintenance: GPS trackers allow users to schedule reminder alerts with automatic emails or texts so that vehicle maintenance is kept up with, not forgotten.
  • Make payroll efficient: With GPS trackers automatically taking in data from employee start and stop times, the human resources department or your accountant will be able to quickly and efficiently organize payroll.
  • Live, 3G network with 1-10 second updates: Live data is essential to showing fleet companies everything as it’s happening in the field. Having anything slower than 10 second updates means the possibility of missing out on information. With the live, 3G network at your fingertips you can have access to things like idling vehicles, stopped vehicles, moving vehicles, ongoing weather patterns, and other diagnostics.
  • Ongoing training and updates: As software changes occur, customer support from the tracking company is important and thanks to the efforts provided by the staff at US Fleet Tracking, you will always have the option for ongoing, live video trainings or calling in to chat with someone from support whenever you need.

The GPS tracking industry grows stronger and improvements are made, in part by customer suggestions and in part by our ability to think about ways to give an enhanced experience. The wireless data network means stronger connectivity and more accurate data. The bottom line is that GPS trackers are a simple solution to solving many business obstacles, helping owners know more about what goes on in their business, making managers great, and making employees better, too.

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