Why Companies With Sales Professionals Utilize GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Aiding field sales representatives

Being a manager of the field sales professionals can sometimes be tough to hack. The skill set involved with a job like this isn’t like an ordinary office job. You’ve got to be able to juggle multiple people at once. It’s for reasons like this one that many businesses with field sales professionals are turning to GPS tracking for help. Here are a few ways these businesses have been using GPS tracking:

  • Safer Driving Directions: Printing off directions and trying to glance down at a piece of paper while driving is old school and not really safe. Furthermore, using a cell phone (with a map app up) in one hand and driving with the other isn’t the safest way to navigate around. Sales representatives deserve better and businesses that don’t want to have increased accident rates think so, too. GPS tracking has been offering sales teams a hands-free device with live maps and an easy understanding of ongoing traffic conditions.
  • Last Minute Changes: The life a salesperson can be a busy one and itinerary changes may occur. With GPS tracking, two-way communication is an easy, safe way for management to reach out to the driver without incorporating cell phone usage. If hazardous road conditions seem to be a problem, someone back at the office can manipulate the planned route so that the driver doesn’t have to stop or get stuck in congested traffic.
  • Keeping Up With Sales: Data can be stored in the GPS tracking system to help the sales team keep up with clients as they bring them on board. These forward thinking companies have long forgotten about having a pen and paper system or a Rolodex, because all of their customer data can be pulled up from the device.

These are just a few of the wonderful ways that GPS tracking has a made a difference in the sales world. By providing a way for field sales professionals to get directions safely, role with last minute changes, and keep up with their clients as they gain them, it saves the business time and increases productivity.

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GPS Tracking Providing Minimal Risk And Optimal Savings

GPS tracking: Importance of monitoring fleets

As a fleet company manager, your assets are always on the go, literally. It’s an understatement to say that making sure all the fast-moving parts are in good working order. Road blocks tend to come up from time to time in any business, but for a fleet it’s even more important to manage risks and keep them to a minimum. You might be surprised to find that GPS tracking is providing many fleet companies with minimal risk and optimal savings. Here’s how:

  • Improving Safety: Being able to monitor drivers with a GPS tracking system is incredibly easy. With very little effort, you can gain knowledge of frequent speeders, harsh braking, and other risky driving behaviors via alerts and reports. This is a great way to safeguard against accidents. In addition, geofence alerts can be set after hours to deter vehicle thefts.
  • Improving Efficiency: To get the most return, GPS tracking offers fleet managers the ability to see how their drivers are making use of their time in the field. From start and stop times to ongoing driving routes, managers will have the data needed from live maps, alerts and reports to reduce downtime.

    Liability problems such as the possibility of vehicle theft, car accidents, and the ongoing cost in correlation with these risks can mean trouble for your business. GPS tracking can help you manage your drivers in less time, leaving you more valuable time to focus on other business tasks. Think about how increasing safety can increase your savings on account of not having to pay out for accidents. Furthermore, improving efficiency of your fleet team can only lead to happy customers. Who doesn’t want minimal risk and optimal savings?

Are you ready to jump on board with GPS tracking?

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How To Be An Eco-Friendly Fleet Using GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS trackers: Reducing carbon footprints

Things are a lot different now than they were a few years ago in regards to our awareness about keeping the planet functioning properly. More effort has been made by several big businesses to create lines of eco-friendly products and to provide services with as little toxicity as possible. In part one, we discussed how corporate companies are taking on the challenge to become more eco-friendly and how you could, too! In part two of this series, we’ll provide 2 more ways that you can become an eco-friendly fleet using GPS trackers.

1.) Speed Less: It may not be as easy as asking everyone to obey the traffic laws. If it were, wouldn’t they be doing so already? The truth is that speeding consumes fuel faster, causing your drivers to fill up more often and use up precious resources. Not only is it terrible for the environment when chemical waste enters the airway, but it’s harsh on the vehicles, as well. With GPS trackers, reducing speeding is as simple as monitoring with alerts and reports that show these driver behaviors.

2.) Repair Less: By idling less, driving less, and speeding less your drivers will be aiding in your attempt to have fewer vehicle maintenance repairs. Of course, you cannot stop vehicle maintenance all together. In fact, keeping up with routine maintenance is better than not doing it all. Maintaining the appropriate amount air in the tires, performing regular oil changes, and giving your company vehicles a tune-up here and there can actually prevent harmful chemicals, from damaged parts, from entering the air. It will also improve gas mileage.

If your goal is to become an eco-friendly fleet, you can start reducing your carbon footprints with the implementation of GPS trackers. With these devices it’s simple to meet all of the goals of driving less, idling less, speeding less, and having to repair less.

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How To Be An Eco-Friendly Fleet Using GPS Trackers: Part 1

GPS trackers: Reducing carbon footprints

Have you noticed a shift in the way people think about the planet we live on? Within the last handful of years awareness about protecting our environment has skyrocketed. There are eco-friendly products and services being offered around every corner in lieu of the old ways of doing things which caused a lot of toxins to enter the air. Even corporate companies are taking on the challenge to become more eco-friendly. You could be the next company to join the movement! In part one of this series, we’ll provide 2 ways that you can become an eco-friendly fleet using GPS trackers.

1.) Drive Less: You may be wondering how in the world are you expected to drive less when you’re and fleet company and that’s just what you do! Where there are GPS trackers, there is a way. GPS trackers allow for optimal route planning to help you accomplish this goal. By clicking into the dispatch and route planning feature, management or the dispatching team can create the shortest pre-planned routes to driver destinations and cut down on unnecessary mileage.

2.) Idle Less: Waiting in long lines at a stop-light may be unavoidable, but the practice of keeping the vehicle running while you pop into a gas station or enter a customer’s location can be stopped. Idling sends pollution into the air and it’s not good for the engine either. GPS trackers store idling data that can be viewed in reports so that you can determine if the idling time is reasonable or if a driver needs to be coached.

Did you know that carbon dioxide releases from vehicles, especially when they operate inefficiently? GPS trackers take the guesswork out of knowing that you’re doing your part for the environment. If you’re looking to join the ranks of other establishments making the move towards eco-friendly operational standards, then GPS trackers may be your best bet.

To learn more, stay tuned for part two!

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4 Reasons The GPS Tracker Map Is Awesome

GPS tracker: Connect fleets

Making the decision to install GPS tracker devices for your fleets will be rewarding for more than one reason. The most basic feature is something many people, most likely, take for granted these days. Our society has become so used to having digital maps that people, including your fleet, may not stop to think about how truly great having this live GPS tracker map truly is for business. Here are 4 reasons that the GPS tracker map is awesome!

1.) Variety of map views: The nice part about GPS tracker maps is that you can take your pick from the simplistic Map View (most commonly chosen), the aerial view called Birdseye, the Satellite view, or the Hybrid view. The goal is that you want to be able to see everything that is going on out there on the road and with any one of these choices you will be provided with a great view of a location.

2.) Getting directions: You will never get lost when using GPS tracker maps. If the planned routing tool isn’t handy enough, there is always the option for two-way communication between the dispatcher and the driver. Drivers will have all the details of a route needed to get to their destination quickly and safely.

3.) Traffic updates: It’s important for your fleet team to make it to scheduled appointments or events. Using a GPS tracker map feature for traffic updates means that a driver will have access to information about the traffic ahead. The details reveal how heavy the traffic is in the region requested.

4.) Simple to use: As if having all of the mentioned capabilities weren’t good enough, the system is simple to learn how to use. With very little training users can jump right in and start controlling the most basic aspects of the map.

The live, 3G map helps to connect fleets. It’s like having the whole world in your hands. The best part is that it can even go mobile so if you’re always stuck on your cell phone, you can still receive updates about what happens in the field. If you haven’t “plugged in” to the latest technology provided by our GPS tracker system, your business could be missing out on a lot of savings.

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Using GPS Trackers To Monitor Driver Behavior

GPS trackers: Improved fleets

The main list of duties detailed in a fleet manager’s job is keeping up with their moving fleet. Implementing this, somewhat daunting, task well means having optimum monitoring ability. GPS trackers are a fantastic way to pull this off, improve your fleet, and keep you sane. Tracking solutions with unique telematics provides customized reporting, alerts, and live viewing to managers so that they can quickly and easily get instant feedback. If you’re a manager that questions if monitoring their drivers’ behaviors is necessary, stay tuned to find out why it is important.

How your drivers handle your company vehicles does make a difference in your bottom line. If your drivers are continuously driving harshly wouldn’t you want to know about it? With GPS trackers you’d know things like whether they are speeding, braking harshly, crazily changing lanes, revving the engine to accelerate too quickly, or idling excessively. All of these actions cause wear and tear on your vehicles, beyond the norm.

With customized reports, you can bring up historical data on all of the driver behaviors mentioned above. Looking back over the last 90 days of stored information, will give managers all the proof they need to show that the fleet is in order. In addition, alerts can be set to monitor and help regulate driver actions by sending management texts or emails each time drivers break the rules. Furthermore, live maps are useful for keeping an eye on activities happening in the present moment. With two-way communication, drivers can also receive instant communication to correct problems rather than waiting for reports or alerts, if desired.

Safe and reliable drivers are a must for a fleet company. You could start seeing a difference in your drivers’ behaviors and improve business practices by default. The implementation of GPS trackers is a simple step to take towards making your life easier.

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Decrease Mileage By Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Extending vehicle life

When it comes to running a fleet, it’s a no-brainer that your vehicles are invaluable. Everything you can do to help keep costs down would be beneficial. Of course, keeping vehicles functioning is also important. By reducing mileage driven it will inevitably extend the life of your company vehicles. Did you know that GPS trackers could help you achieve your goal in this regard? It’s true! GPS trackers can create better managing processes to allow for proper monitoring of company vehicles. We’re going to explain a little bit more about that, today.

In time various parts of a working vehicle must be repaired or replaced. It’s just how things go, but cutting back on mileage driven will also cut down on the regularity of maintenance issues. How can GPS trackers help? Simple. GPS trackers allow business managers to keep a closer eye on the daily activities of their vehicles. With live-streaming maps and the two-way communication technology, GPS trackers make it easy to monitor everything that moves and allows dispatching to give guided directions to drivers. This ensures that drivers will stay on course.

There would never, again, be a worry about a driver getting lost, driving around for hours, and wasting precious miles. The truth is that unnecessary mileage elimination translates to extending vehicle life. In addition, with GPS trackers businesses can easily enhance fleets with a few clicks here and there. By implementing simple tracking practices into the daily routine, you’ll start to see a financial savings, as well.

If you’d like to see how much you could save, feel free to give us a call about our GPS trackers. You could also check out the ROI calculator to determine the savings you’d see just by cutting down on mileage.

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How Security Services Utilize GPS Tracking: Part 2

GPS tracking: Options and solutions

A private security company can provide anything from bodyguards to parking security. No matter whether they are in the business to offer protection for personnel or assets, enabling the team members to do their jobs the most efficient way possible should be a top priority. In part one of this series, we explained how a lot of security companies are already on board with GPS tracking solutions to monitor their team members and how it gives map control and device management options to make work easier.

In part two of this series we’re going to go over three more GPS tracking features that lend a helping hand for security services. With dispatching, alerts and reports management will have more pieces to the puzzle than ever before. Here’s how the usage of these GPS tracking features help security services:

1.) Dispatching: Does your security team member need to get to a location quickly and safely? Easy enough. With live map capability dispatching has access to current traffic conditions to help navigate them around congested traffic and through the shortest, safest paths.

2.) Alerts: With GPS tracking alerts, you can set Geofences to make sure that drivers don’t get lost or stray too far from planned routes. Maintenance alerts can also be set-up so that your drivers don’t get stranded due to forgetting to get their vehicles serviced.

3.) Reports: Safety is key, right? With reports management of security teams can gain access to the driver history (up to 90 days). This includes driver behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, idling, and more.

GPS tracking being placed in company vehicles is a smart move as it allows security companies the ability to protect business time, their personnel, and keep customers satisfied thanks to a job well done. GPS tracking offers many options from map control, device management, dispatching, alerts, and reports. If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call!

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How Security Services Utilize GPS Tracking: Part 1

GPS tracking: Options and solutions

A private security company is an important business meant to provide armed or unarmed service to private and public clients. It’s an understatement to say that managers of employees working in this industry need to know the whereabouts of their employees. For this reason, a lot of security companies are already on board with GPS tracking solutions to monitor their team members, whom are their greatest assets.

In part one of this series we’re going to review two features that provide helpful information for security services. With map control features and device management options there is very little that management won’t know. Let’s break it down a bit more to give you a better idea of how GPS tracking helps security services:

1.) Map controls: Do you need to know where your security team members are located at this very moment? Not a problem! Using the GPS tracking system, you can see all vehicles in a zoomed out view or zoom all the way in on a vehicle to see exact location.

2.) Device management: Did your driver have to switch assigned vehicles? You never know what can happen, but you do have some control over how you handle it. Going into the device management area allows you to edit the driver associated with a certain vehicle, keeping everyone in the loop and monitoring accurate.

A security guard (whether that be for a person, place or thing) is supposed to be preventing unauthorized activity while keeping their targets safe. GPS tracking offers many options and solutions for security services to do exactly what they were meant to do, properly. If you’d like to know more about how GPS tracking helps security services, stay tuned for part two of this series!

Need a GPS tracking solution for your security business, right now?

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Key Points To Sell Your Boss On The Idea Of GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Benefits for all to enjoy

Are you sold on the idea of GPS trackers, but your boss isn’t? Sometimes it can be difficult to win your boss over, but you shouldn’t be afraid to bring your ideas to the table. In case you get all tongue tied when faced with the opportunity to speak to the fleet business owner, we’ve put together some key points to address in your next meeting that may just help you sell your boss on the idea of GPS trackers. These points can help the business improve employee productivity, increase driver safety, save money on fuel costs, and make business better all around.

  • Keeping up with vehicle maintenance: GPS trackers allow users to schedule reminder alerts with automatic emails or texts so that vehicle maintenance is kept up with, not forgotten.
  • Make payroll efficient: With GPS trackers automatically taking in data from employee start and stop times, the human resources department or your accountant will be able to quickly and efficiently organize payroll.
  • Live, 3G network with 1-10 second updates: Live data is essential to showing fleet companies everything as it’s happening in the field. Having anything slower than 10 second updates means the possibility of missing out on information. With the live, 3G network at your fingertips you can have access to things like idling vehicles, stopped vehicles, moving vehicles, ongoing weather patterns, and other diagnostics.
  • Ongoing training and updates: As software changes occur, customer support from the tracking company is important and thanks to the efforts provided by the staff at US Fleet Tracking, you will always have the option for ongoing, live video trainings or calling in to chat with someone from support whenever you need.

The GPS tracking industry grows stronger and improvements are made, in part by customer suggestions and in part by our ability to think about ways to give an enhanced experience. The wireless data network means stronger connectivity and more accurate data. The bottom line is that GPS trackers are a simple solution to solving many business obstacles, helping owners know more about what goes on in their business, making managers great, and making employees better, too.

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