A Time When A GPS Tracker Saved A Life

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker: Positive benefits

Over the years, GPS tracker devices have been used for multiple reasons and by various types of businesses. There are many different GPS systems, but one constant remains and that is the ability to help the user improve their situation. In terrifying circumstances, it’s nice when news stations feature stories showing how a GPS tracker device provided a positive outcome. Today, we’re reviewing a time when a GPS tracker saved a life.

In Pennsylvania, luck seemed to be on one woman’s side on November 6th, 2014. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was kidnapped right off of a street in Philadelphia where she was dragged into a nearby vehicle. That vehicle was purchased from a used car dealership that just so happens to equip their vehicles with GPS tracker devices. This seemed to have been unknown to the kidnapper. Using the GPS system to their advantage, police were able to track the kidnapper, arrest him and save the woman.

It’s amazing to see how GPS tracker devices are being used in so many places these days! Police forces around the globe are beginning to understand the benefit of GPS tracker devices, especially when they are able to help save lives. One thing can be said about cases such as this unique situation and that is that the GPS tracker device had positive benefits.

While saving lives may not be on most fleet managers’ minds, tracking their company vehicles should be. GPS trackers are making life much more efficient in many realms. Are you ready to join the ranks of those already discovering the power of the GPS tracker?

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