GPS Tracker Weather Overlay Benefits For Cement Layers

GPS tracker- Cement

GPS tracker: Take control of your business

As spring approaches some people get antsy and start their spring projects as they’re looking to start fresh. It’s not doubtful that some people will be seeking assistance to spruce up their living spaces and possibly even their commercial properties by having some new concrete designs placed down. Companies that lay concrete have a very interesting position at this time of year, because the spring weather isn’t exactly stable. This is when a GPS tracker and US Fleet Tracking’s exclusive Weather Overlay feature becomes really convenient for concrete companies.

Obviously, concrete can’t be poured when it’s rainy and it’s not great to do it in unfavorable temperatures either. Concrete can, generally, be walked on 1-3 days after being poured, but it should be left to cure for at least 28 days, with the initial day being the most critical. In this profession, limiting the number of retreats and extra visits to job locations can literally be the difference between profit and loss. US Fleet Tracking’s GPS trackers and Weather Overlay feature lends, nearly, immeasurable value here. Here’s why:

US Fleet Tracking’s system will not only show the GPS tracker device on the map, it also integrates with the National Radar Service to offer directional looping of any weather activity coming your way. This allows cement layers to prevent themselves from pouring slabs of concrete and it being rained out within an hour. Not only would doing that be wasting time for the workers, but it would require work to be re-done, therefore; impacting your business’ bottom line.

If you’re already using GPS tracker devices you might as well compliment your company’s ability to pre-plan routes and schedules, and enhance your peace of mind with US Fleet Tracking’s groundbreaking Weather Overlay features that also allow you to react on the fly to unexpected weather occurrences.

Don’t let the weather get you down, take control with the GPS tracker Weather Overlay!

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