Unlock Doors With GPS Tracking

Keys-GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Saving the day

If there’s one thing that can make your day turn sour it’s locking your keys in the car. What could make the situation worse? When it’s the company vehicle that you’ve locked the keys inside and you’re supposed to be on your way to a customer’s home. In that situation, you lose out on a job while your business is losing time and money. Another scenario might have you already at one customer’s house and now it’s embarrassing, because you’re stuck lingering around their front yard. It’s just a sad situation and it’s no fun waiting an hour or more for someone to show up and jimmy open the door. You’d never guess that GPS tracking could be the answer to this problem, would you?

If your fleet vehicles aren’t upgraded to these fancy new vehicles with features like keyless start or remote door unlock then the good news is that GPS tracking can help you solve your problem of locking your keys inside the car. If your device allows it and you choose to have the extra functions set up then by accessing “Devices” in the GPS tracking system it is easy to unlock the vehicle associated with a particular device.

If you’re lucky enough to have remembered your own cell phone, you can whip it out and gain almost immediate access to “Device Commands”. There you can unlock your own vehicle. In the event that your cell phone is locked inside the vehicle as well, someone back at the office (dispatching or management) can unlock the vehicle’s door for you. The best part about this GPS tracking feature is that it comes standard with the system, at no extra charge to you, so there’s no reason not to make use of it.

Having this simple, easy to use GPS tracking feature will surely save the day!

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