A GPS Tracker Alert Perfect For Battery Powered Devices

GPS tracker

GPS tracker: Battery powered

The type of GPS tracker you choose depends on what you need to do. If you need to track more than one vehicle then you’ll need a portable GPS tracker. That’s where our battery powered devices (such as the PT-V3 and the PT-V3 Pro) come in handy. Portable, battery powered trackers can be easily moved among multiple locations and they still allow users to customize reports and alerts just as any other device would. When you first receive your GPS tracker, it may be difficult to know what other types of alerts you should create for yourself to make your job easier. Today, we’re going to review one type of alert that is perfect for battery powered devices.

The most challenging hurdle about having a battery powered GPS tracker is making sure that it stays charged. Nothing can be more frustrating than suffering from down time due to having a GPS tracker that doesn’t function during peak work hours. While it is possible to allow your battery powered devices to drain as low as 10% or 5% and still have it work properly, why risk losing connection?

Sometimes, the cause of letting a device’s battery get so low is purely due to forgetfulness. That’s where alerts become your best friend! When you first log-in to the system there may only be pre-set alerts waiting for you to use. You’ll have to go into alerts on your dashboard and create the alert that will save you from forgetting to charge your GPS tracker battery. Simply set up a “Power Alert” to remind yourself of the need to charge the battery. You can even go as far as to set reminders at different percentage levels such as at 75%, 50% and another one at 25% just to make sure you keep a better watch on the battery life.

You never have to forget again, because you should never be left without your GPS tracker.

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