GPS Trackers Can Help You Start Your Second Quarter Right

GPS trackers: Start with a bang

This year is zooming by, with the first business quarter already ending. April marks the next month to start working on your business’ budget. Tax season tends to leave people a little scrambled and business expenses can have fleet owners feeling the pressure. Maintenance costs are something that every fleet business has to endure. If you haven’t started reevaluating your budget and exploring new ways to reduce costs, why not? GPS trackers can help you start your second quarter right. Here are a few ways these devices will give you the best return on investment while reducing maintenance costs.

1.) Stop Idling: GPS trackers assist you in reaching your maintenance savings goal by helping you to monitor idling times. Your GPS trackers will allow you to clearly see the amount of time a vehicle is in idle. This will allow you to know which drivers aren’t shutting the engine off when they make stops so that this action can be stopped. With less idling there will be less damage to the engine, therefore; decreasing maintenance costs over time.

2.) Improve Routing: Optimizing your drivers’ routing options will also be a big help in saving your business maintenance costs in the next quarter. GPS trackers give the dispatchers the ability to speak directly to drivers via the two-way communicator for route planning. The dispatcher can simply check the map for the best routes and give the driver turn-by-turn directions to the safest, shortest path. Just as less idling means less damage to the engine, so does less driving.

The idea of decreasing maintenance costs is a serious factor to consider when making your quarterly budget plans. With GPS tracker, you can start your second quarter with a bang! Higher standards means larger bottom lines and less of the business’ expenses will be spent on unnecessary vehicle repairs and company downtime.

Are you ready to stop idling and improve routing? GPS trackers might be your answer.

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Can GPS Tracking Help Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates?

GPS tracking: How to save money

Just as fleet business owners have used GPS tracking devices to save themselves money on maintenance costs or to help them build up a better customer base, so have they been using these awesome devices to help them decrease their insurance rates. We all know that insurance is a necessity and since you can’t escape it, why not try to get the lowest auto insurance rate that you can get for your fleets? The truth is that you can use GPS tracking to help lower your rates and we’re going to talk about how and why it works.

First of all, GPS tracking software improves safety and decreases theft by offering business managers the ability to monitor their vehicles and any other equipment at all times throughout the day. What about when it’s not business hours? Yes, the system even provides management with the knowledge of whether vehicles are being used after business hours, thanks to Geofence alerts. These alerts get sent directly to the person in charge, via text message.

Having alerts on the vehicles makes it quite difficult for thieves to get away with taking your precious commodities. Security is vital, here! Furthermore, being able to keep your vehicles safer with GPS tracking makes insurance companies feel more secure, too. This will lead to decreasing your insurance rates.

It’s not fun having to pay high insurance rates, especially when doing so could be avoided. You could make your insurance company happy, save yourself money and increase safety all at the same time. Imagine what you could do with the savings from lowering your auto insurance rates? That savings coupled with the return on investment from GPS tracking would leave you with more than enough capital to put money back into your business.

Have a great spring and look forward to an even better summer with savings obtained by utilizing GPS tracking software!

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2 Ways Contracting Companies Reap Benefits From GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Two major helping points

Whether you’re a contracting company that builds houses or commercial properties, you still have a lot to oversee during construction projects. As you seek bids, solicit them and schedule all the subcontractors that are necessary to complete a project, you may wish there was something you could do to make your business even better. Using live GPS tracking just may be your answer! Here are 2 ways that contracting companies can reap benefits from using GPS tracking.

1.) Faster Work: GPS tracking alerts can be set up so that you will receive them via text and/or email which will help you manage your crew as they drive to a work site. The live GPS tracking system also functions in a way that makes getting down to work as quickly as possible. With these tools you can plan out routes, use Geofences to keep drivers on track and cut out company vehicle usage for personal affairs.

2.) Efficient Work: With 3G, live GPS tracking there is no better way to see the physical whereabouts of your equipment and vehicles. Having this technology at your fingertips gives you the control a manager should have; to efficiently manage your team. This removes the dilemma of having to second guess where people are and eliminates the annoying need to call everyone on the team just to locate one piece of equipment.

Whether your crew is a few or a few dozen, monitoring your vehicles and equipment is important if you expect to ever grow your contracting company. By using live GPS tracking devices you can get to work faster and be more efficient while doing it. The bonus is that by being able to manage your team better you will, inevitably, cut down on business expenses and increase your bottom line.

Are you ready to reap these benefits? Get GPS tracking!

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Increase Your Customer Base Using GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Helping you improve

Are you stuck at a level where business is good, but it isn’t fantastic? Perhaps you have a enough customers to keep things rolling along from month to month, but you haven’t grown your customer base? Business is only great if you have a steady flow of new customers to keep it that way. If you’re not using GPS trackers, this could be part of your problem. The use of GPS trackers provide many businesses with the opportunity to not only maintain their current customers, but to also gain new referrals.

Businesses that utilize GPS trackers are able to identify the ongoing location of their drivers. This is extraordinary for customer service, because it means that managers or dispatchers are able to have more control over where their drivers should be going for future jobs. Without having to call around to every driver, managers will know who is available to take on the next job. Faster scheduling means faster arrival to a job site and with less wait time being spent, there is going to be enough time left over to spread out and serve more customers!

In addition, to the scheduling aspect, GPS trackers give dispatchers the ability to provide drivers with the best pre-planned, safest, quickest routes. The customers that are being served more quickly due to this efficient work will be more likely to be repeat customers and refer their friends and family members to your business, as well.

When you respond quicker to customer needs, it’s a no-brainer that you’re going to impress them. GPS trackers are a simple way to make customers happy they used your business for their needs. With arrival times being more precise and effective routing there is a greater chance people will view your business as being more credible.

Are you ready to start increasing your customer base by using GPS trackers?

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Dive Into Taxes With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Easier tax preparation

Some business accountants are having a much easier time than others when it comes to tax preparation and it’s thanks to GPS tracking software. If you didn’t know by now, GPS tracking devices do much more than just monitor fleet activity. In fact, the data stored by GPS tracking software is invaluable when it comes to diving into your taxes. Here are 2 ways that tax preparation is much easier with GPS tracking.

1.) Employee Pay: Every expense must be accounted for when preparing taxes, including the amount of money that was paid out to employees over the last year, quarter or month (depending on how your business pays taxes). GPS tracking reports are fantastic for figuring how many hours employees have worked, therefore; making it easier to calculate proper employee pay so that when tax time rolls around it’s a no-brainer.

2.) Vehicle Mileage: Since GPS tracking systems record every mile driven by a vehicle, using the device, it requires nothing more than loading up the mileage report and plugging in the numbers for tax needs. You don’t have to tediously keep track of every gas station receipt or lug around a logbook in order to know how many miles drivers drove.

When preparing taxes every little detail from A to Z is brought to light. All across the nation, accountants are hard at work crunching numbers for personal and business taxes before the deadline. Those that have the convenience of regarding instant data from GPS tracking devices are, perhaps, a lot less stressed out right now.

Has your business suffered from long, exhausting hours, days or even weeks of tax preparation in the past? Maybe you’re in that tough situation right now? Before your next tax payment is due, consider investing in GPS tracking and save yourself or your accountant the headache.

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3 Ways To Cut Maintenance Costs With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Saving more money

Fleet business owners have been using GPS tracking to save themselves a lot of money. Those that have saved thousands of dollars in just a few months after using these magnificent tools have submitted awesome testimonials. There are quite a few ways that GPS trackers can increase your bottom line and give you a return on the investment of your GPS tracking purchase. We know a lot of business owners are leery about the idea of implementing these devices, but doing so may mean cutting maintenance costs for your vehicles. Here are 3 examples of how you can use GPS tracking to help cut maintenance costs:

1.) Reducing Idling: By using the GPS tracking system, you can monitor idling times and reduce them by taking action. Doing so will reduce the amount of damage done to the engine and other parts under the hood, therefore; keeping your costs lower.

2.) Monitoring Usage: Setting geofence alerts will put a stop to unauthorized vehicles usage before, during and after work. Putting a stop to unauthorized vehicle use means decreasing the amount of miles a vehicle is driven which translates into less maintenance.

3.) Scheduling Reminders: The GPS tracking system allows you to schedule reminders of when your vehicles are due for tire rotations, part replacements, oil changes, filter changes and more. By keeping up with ongoing maintenance, means preventing larger problems down the line which will keep vehicles healthy and will save your business money.

These are three major ways that GPS tracking can help your business cut down on maintenance costs. It’s not fun having to put up with extra vehicle maintenance, especially when it was avoidable. GPS tracking could be there to save you the headache of dealing with high cost maintenance issues. Don’t let your vehicles break down and be stuck in limbo, get GPS tracking and keep on trucking!

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A Time When A GPS Tracker Saved A Life

GPS tracker: Positive benefits

Over the years, GPS tracker devices have been used for multiple reasons and by various types of businesses. There are many different GPS systems, but one constant remains and that is the ability to help the user improve their situation. In terrifying circumstances, it’s nice when news stations feature stories showing how a GPS tracker device provided a positive outcome. Today, we’re reviewing a time when a GPS tracker saved a life.

In Pennsylvania, luck seemed to be on one woman’s side on November 6th, 2014. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was kidnapped right off of a street in Philadelphia where she was dragged into a nearby vehicle. That vehicle was purchased from a used car dealership that just so happens to equip their vehicles with GPS tracker devices. This seemed to have been unknown to the kidnapper. Using the GPS system to their advantage, police were able to track the kidnapper, arrest him and save the woman.

It’s amazing to see how GPS tracker devices are being used in so many places these days! Police forces around the globe are beginning to understand the benefit of GPS tracker devices, especially when they are able to help save lives. One thing can be said about cases such as this unique situation and that is that the GPS tracker device had positive benefits.

While saving lives may not be on most fleet managers’ minds, tracking their company vehicles should be. GPS trackers are making life much more efficient in many realms. Are you ready to join the ranks of those already discovering the power of the GPS tracker?

US Fleet Tracking has several devices and services to fit the needs of any fleet. Come see the difference you could make!

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GPS Tracker Weather Overlay Benefits For Cement Layers

GPS tracker: Take control of your business

As spring approaches some people get antsy and start their spring projects as they’re looking to start fresh. It’s not doubtful that some people will be seeking assistance to spruce up their living spaces and possibly even their commercial properties by having some new concrete designs placed down. Companies that lay concrete have a very interesting position at this time of year, because the spring weather isn’t exactly stable. This is when a GPS tracker and US Fleet Tracking’s exclusive Weather Overlay feature becomes really convenient for concrete companies.

Obviously, concrete can’t be poured when it’s rainy and it’s not great to do it in unfavorable temperatures either. Concrete can, generally, be walked on 1-3 days after being poured, but it should be left to cure for at least 28 days, with the initial day being the most critical. In this profession, limiting the number of retreats and extra visits to job locations can literally be the difference between profit and loss. US Fleet Tracking’s GPS trackers and Weather Overlay feature lends, nearly, immeasurable value here. Here’s why:

US Fleet Tracking’s system will not only show the GPS tracker device on the map, it also integrates with the National Radar Service to offer directional looping of any weather activity coming your way. This allows cement layers to prevent themselves from pouring slabs of concrete and it being rained out within an hour. Not only would doing that be wasting time for the workers, but it would require work to be re-done, therefore; impacting your business’ bottom line.

If you’re already using GPS tracker devices you might as well compliment your company’s ability to pre-plan routes and schedules, and enhance your peace of mind with US Fleet Tracking’s groundbreaking Weather Overlay features that also allow you to react on the fly to unexpected weather occurrences.

Don’t let the weather get you down, take control with the GPS tracker Weather Overlay!

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GPS Tracking Helps You Avoid Road Trip Complications

GPS tracking: Keeping spring break safe

Road trips during spring break (or any time) are a fun way to get away, but nothing can diminish that excitement faster than complications. There is more than one way your road trip could be ruined, but in all of the scenarios presented here, GPS tracking could have helped to avoid these blunders. Let’s take a closer look at these road trip complications.

Road Trip Scenario #1: A couple wants to go on a skiing adventure for their spring break, but they get lost in the mountains, then they get stranded and their cell phones don’t have reception. What’s the couple to do? The only thing they can do is wait, hopefully, for a kind passerby, right? Wrong! GPS tracking would be perfect in this road trip complication as it would provide a real-time, live street map to prevent the couple from getting lost in the first place.

Road Trip Scenario #2: This driver is going through several states to get his group of friends to their spring break destination. Along the way, a tornado forms and the road trip is severely delayed on account of taking shelter and waiting for the storm to pass. Once again, GPS tracking would have prevented this road trip complication due to the Weather Overlay feature. It would have provided the driver with information about current and upcoming weather patterns, therefore; providing the opportunity for the driver to choose a safer route.

Road Trip Scenario #3: A woman wants to take a little trip for spring break and remembers the oil change, but forgets about anything else and it’s been about 4,000 miles since any tire maintenance was completed. After driving hundreds of miles away, the front, right tire blows. It turns out that the tire had uneven tread due to being imbalanced. GPS tracking maintenance reminders would saved this driver from ever leaving home without notice of the proper maintenance required. The GPS tracking system could have alerted the driver that tire rotations and balancing was needed.

Truthfully, GPS tracking is amazing technology that allow many different types of people to benefit from their usage. Don’t get stuck out there during your next road trip without it!

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Unlock Doors With GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Saving the day

If there’s one thing that can make your day turn sour it’s locking your keys in the car. What could make the situation worse? When it’s the company vehicle that you’ve locked the keys inside and you’re supposed to be on your way to a customer’s home. In that situation, you lose out on a job while your business is losing time and money. Another scenario might have you already at one customer’s house and now it’s embarrassing, because you’re stuck lingering around their front yard. It’s just a sad situation and it’s no fun waiting an hour or more for someone to show up and jimmy open the door. You’d never guess that GPS tracking could be the answer to this problem, would you?

If your fleet vehicles aren’t upgraded to these fancy new vehicles with features like keyless start or remote door unlock then the good news is that GPS tracking can help you solve your problem of locking your keys inside the car. If your device allows it and you choose to have the extra functions set up then by accessing “Devices” in the GPS tracking system it is easy to unlock the vehicle associated with a particular device.

If you’re lucky enough to have remembered your own cell phone, you can whip it out and gain almost immediate access to “Device Commands”. There you can unlock your own vehicle. In the event that your cell phone is locked inside the vehicle as well, someone back at the office (dispatching or management) can unlock the vehicle’s door for you. The best part about this GPS tracking feature is that it comes standard with the system, at no extra charge to you, so there’s no reason not to make use of it.

Having this simple, easy to use GPS tracking feature will surely save the day!

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