Benefits Of GPS Tracking With Historical Playback: Part 2

GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Reaching beyond

GPS tracking comes equipped with several invaluable mechanisms to make fleet businesses improve. In part one of this series we mentioned how GPS tracking offers all clients 90-day historical playback as part of their account for no additional charge. The Historical Playback feature gives you the ability to look into past events in a matter of minutes. In part one of this series we also discussed one way that using this feature can be beneficial. Today, we want to talk about another mind-blowing option within the Historical Playback realm.

Enter Retroactive Geofences: In the event that you ever forgot to set up a Geofence alert, but you really wish you would have, there is something you can do! GPS tracking with Historical Playback will come to your rescue, so to speak. If you wanted to know when a certain vehicle entered or exited a specific area, Historical Playback gives you the opportunity to set up retroactive Geofences. You can go into alerts and set up the Geofence for the time, date and device in mind. Next, go back to the Historical Playback and choose the date, time and vehicle you want to know about and watch as the story unfolds.

Not only can GPS tracking provide you with live map views to keep track of your fleet vehicles on a daily basis, but you also have the ability to see data from the past! Accountability is built in as you stay on top of hours spent on the job and eliminate any billing disputes from customers. These are a just a few reasons Historical Playback may be useful. No matter what the issue at hand is, you can have peace of mind knowing the GPS tracking system has the data you need.. Are you ready to reach beyond just the everyday obvious needs of GPS tracking? Start now!

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