How To Have A Workplace Competition With GPS Trackers: Part 1

GPS trackers

GPS trackers: Enabling motivation

I’m sure you’ve heard that a little competition in the workplace is encouraged due to it’s power to enable motivation and productivity. According to Psychology Today a little competition increases chemicals like testosterone and that gives employees drive to achieve goals. Fleet business drivers may not be suited up businessmen in a confined office space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little fun into your work, too. Today, we’re going to talk about 1 of 2 different competition styles you could use to get your employees having some fun with GPS trackers.

All Against All: In this competition style you would be putting all of your fleet drivers against each other to see which one of them can perform the best.

As the manager of your team, you get decide what it is the workers are “fighting” to be the best at. For example, you could chose to use the reports generated from the data in their GPS trackers to see which driver stayed within the speed limit the most days out of the month, or which one kept their idling down, etc. You could also utilize the alerts feature of the GPS trackers to make it even more challenging. Management could decide that the winner of the competition is the driver that caused the LEAST amount of alerts to come through.

When it comes down to the prize for the winner, you can choose anything you feel is work appropriate. Some inexpensive, winner worthy options for prizes could be anything from a free lunch, a gift card or something like letting the winner put a pie in the boss’s face! There’s just something so satisfying about that last one, even if the boss is really nice.

Whatever you decide, remember the idea is to have fun and there may be no better way to incorporate company equipment such as the GPS trackers you may already be using daily! If you don’t have GPS trackers, maybe it’s time you got in the game!

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