The Difference Between These 2 GPS Tracking Mileage Reports

Mileage GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Going the distance

In the past, tracking mileage for business used to involve notebooks, loose leaf papers, binders and sometimes just a scribble on some random, scrap piece of paper. That was, no doubt, the stuff of accounting nightmares. Luckily, GPS tracking has awarded many fleet businesses with technology to release them from the the doom and gloom of spending hours or days calculating.

With our GPS tracking system users will notice two pre-built reports for mileage tracking. Why are there two? You may be wondering and, perhaps, it may seem confusing, especially if you’re new to the world of GPS tracking. Today, we’re going to briefly discuss the difference between these two mileage reports provided to you upon start-up.

1.) Device Mileage Report: This report is basic and allows you to track how far your vehicles travel in a single day. If you are a local business, not driving out of state, then this report is perfect for you to easily calculate mileage, individually, for each vehicle. The GPS tracking system will allow you to print the report if needed.

2.) Device Mileage By State Report: This report is a bit more advanced. It has the ability to keep track of daily mileage driven by each vehicle from state to state. Thus, if you are running a larger operation with a fleet that goes out of state then you can generate this report to see mileage information for specific or all vehicles based on the states they were in and at what time.

So there you have it; a fast and easy way to track mileage no matter how near or far your fleet drivers travel. With GPS tracking going the distance for your drivers, you’ll be a better business in no time. Imagine, already, just how much time and money you’ll save just by tracking your mileage automatically!

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