How To Monitor Your Shared Fleet Vehicles With GPS Tracking

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GPS tracking: Detailed solutions

While some fleets are looking to purchase more vehicles as the year progresses, other fleets have considered sharing vehicles for multiple reasons. Both environmental and financial responsibilities are leading to this trend, but some problems present themselves when vehicles are being shared amongst several fleet drivers. No one wants to be accused of not keeping up with proper vehicle maintenance or abusing the company vehicle when it was actually another guilty party. Never fear! GPS tracking allows management to monitor their shared fleet vehicles to give everyone peace of mind.

The most daunting task for management will be keeping track of whom will operate the vehicle at which times. Of course, you could provide a clipboard with a “sign-in/ sign-out” sheet or manually assign vehicle usage based on employee shifts. What’s easier than that is using GPS tracking. With device management capabilities, it is simple to click into the Driver Editor feature and assign a driver to a device. This is helpful, because you can create several drivers in the system and keep track of which driver is with the vehicle in question at which times of the day.

Even better than just knowing which driver is with a shared vehicle, is knowing the performance of that driver at any time. GPS tracking makes it simple! By viewing alerts and/or reports management can retrieve a plethora of information from the driver’s speed statistics, braking habits, the fuel percentage being used and more.

The GPS tracking system will also keep track of how many hours a particular driver has been on the road, so if you’re a business that needs to monitor hours on the road to comply with labor laws, then you’ll know when to switch out drivers. GPS tracking is a great way to make sure you are getting all the data you need to make sure your drivers are being safe and that all of your drivers are equally being held accountable.

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