How To Benefit From The Usage Of GPS Tracker Routes

GPS tracker routes

GPS tracker: Paths made simple

As a fleet business owner, you already know that you need an intelligent way to optimize your drivers’ routes on a daily basis. Having something that systematically calculates and displays routed paths in real-time is one of the most cost-effective, customer-friendly technologies. GPS tracker devices have the capability to provide convenient, live maps with planned routes. There are a few ways you can utilize the map to view your routes in the most optimal, beneficial way.

First, you have to create the routes you desire your drivers to take. Logging in is the first step and then simply by clicking on the Dispatch/Routing tab and Routing button you will see a pop up of all routes in your list. If there aren’t any, it only takes minutes to create one! Then, you’re well on your way to viewing all the paths for your drivers.

1.) Street views: There isn’t just one map view to see routes how you want to see them. There is a simple map view that is basic, a birdseye view, a satellite view and a hybrid view. Having these customized options provides effective, intuitive GPS tracker usage for managers, drivers and dispatchers.

2.) Zoomed out: Upon entering the GPS tracker system, the map usually defaults as being “zoomed out”. This allows a nationwide or worldwide view of all your fleets and the routes you’ve created.

3.) Zoomed in: By zooming in on a specific location on the GPS tracker screen, you can get a more precise view and by checking the Small Icons box on map controls, you will even be able to distinguish the difference between any vehicles that may be slightly overlapping on the same routes.

Why are planned routes so helpful? When you need drivers to take a specific path due to road blockages or detours, routes become super helpful. You can even go as far as to set up variations or how far out from the set path it will take before an alert is sent to management.

Whether you’re in the delivery industry, the head of a maintenance crew or some other fleet company, the fact is that being on time is essential and having planned routes can help accomplish that goal. Not only do GPS tracker routes help management to know vehicles are moving as they should be, but there is an added measure of security so that vital issues can be attacked right away.

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