GPS Tracking In Super Bowl Games Of The Past

super bowl GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Event organizers

To many people there are few things more “American” than football and the Super Bowl is one of the greatest events to celebrate. Fans from all around will gather, dressed in their favorite jerseys and ready to eat, drink, chant and be lively! The Super Bowl tradition for fans is quite different than the one US Fleet Tracking became a part of in the past few years. In 2007, US Fleet Tracking started working with Super Bowl XLI by assisting with the first ever, established, live GPS tracking system.

It was determined that planning something as large as the Super Bowl required logistics that could give ground control, whether for celebrity players or general attendees. It was clear the answer meant live GPS tracking. For years to follow the excitement about GPS tracking continued to grow.

Each year, two teams prepared for what was sure to be a most intriguing game and we were there with GPS tracking software to aid with moving the crowd of people and equipment throughout the area effortlessly and efficiently. By 2015, more than 500 GPS tracking devices were in use during the weeks prior to Super Bowl, during the game, and after the champion team was crowned.

The GPS tracking system was used to monitor data such as location, movement and heading which allowed for strategic decisions to be made on the fly or in proactive route planning. Security, safety, accountability and live dispatching are all important and can be achieved with the use of GPS tracking. It’s no surprise that when the Super Bowl is being set up that certain streets may be blocked off. With routes showing on the live map, it’s simple for drivers to know which paths to take.

We’re humbled that our GPS tracking system was used so many times for an event as prestigious as the Super Bowl. The bottom line is that we, at US Fleet Tracking, are always looking to bring awareness and efficiency for all event organizers. We’re excited to see what this Super Bowl has in store!

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