GPS Tracker Password Changes Done Quickly

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GPS tracker: With convenience in mind

You know how the story goes: An employer hires a seemingly fantastic employee to be a part of their fleet team, things go well for a while, but in the end something doesn’t go quite right. Whether the employee quit or had to be let go, there is the daunting task of making sure that security isn’t compromised for your fleet business. Thankfully, GPS tracker password changes can be done quickly and safely right from your own facility.

When an employee quits or gets fired you get to change physical locks or keys, deactive company gas cards, update your staff directory and finalize any last expenses. All of that will most definitely take much longer than it will for you to change the password on the GPS tracker device for the ex-employee.

Some GPS tracker companies have a requirement for users to call in or submit an online request to retrieve or make changes to any ID and password information. Then, you’re stuck waiting for an unknown amount of time before you can get any information to make one simple change.

At US Fleet Tracking, our system allows users to log-in and make these simple changes themselves! There’s no more wait times for tech support. GPS tracker password changes are one personnel issue that can be taken care of rapidly.

If you can type and click with a mouse then it’s pretty simple. After logging into the GPS tracker system on your computer, all you will have to do to change a password is click the symbol that looks like a gear, which is located right at the top of the control box in the left corner of the screen. A menu box appears upon clicking on the gear which asks for the old password, the new password and confirmation of that new password. In one submission you’re done!

Isn’t it wonderful to have a GPS tracker system made with convenience in mind?

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