GPS Trackers Give Refrigerator Repairers Chilling Results: Part 1

GPS trackers

GPS trackers: Cool features put to use

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 48 million people in the United States will get sick from a foodborne illness this year. There’s no telling how many times a broken refrigerator will be the cause of contaminated or overly thawed food. This puts a lot of pressure on refrigerator repair services. Timely responses are a definite must! The greatest assets these refrigerator repairers could have are GPS trackers. In part one of this series, we’re going to show you two benefits refrigerator repair companies can make use of if they have GPS trackers.

1.) Better Response Times: It’s something people don’t think about often (if ever), but one never knows when their refrigerator will just stop working. The good news is that refrigerator repair teams using GPS trackers can offer their customers quicker service. With live maps, it makes it easy for dispatching to locate the closest vehicle to the customer in need. This allows the maintenance worker to avoid driving out of their way, it gets someone to a customer quicker and avoids food spoilage, if possible.

2.) Record Of Service: In the event that a customer should have a dispute with their repairer over the duration of service on the bill, there is always recorded date in the GPS trackers to pull. You can clear up any confusion by showing the start/stop times of the work completed by generating a report from the data stored in the GPS tracker’s system. The other benefit is that it provides refrigerator repair companies with accurate business records.

The fact is that when companies make use of the features like live maps and reports, it saves the business time, builds a better customer base and makes it easy for them to maintain a good reputation. Improving customer service is something everyone should want. If you own a refrigerator repair company, you can jump on this bandwagon, too. If you see these benefits, it will be hard to deny that GPS trackers give refrigerator repairers chilling results.

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