GPS Tracker Support The Way You Need It: Part 2

GPS tracker support 2

GPS tracker: The right tools with the right help

Sometimes there is a little ego trip that happens to the best of us. You know the one where you start to think that the word “help” is a bad word? Don’t let that stop you from getting the answers you seek for your GPS tracker system. At US Fleet Tracking, we offer GPS tracker support in many different ways to suit various needs. In part one of this series we talked about our support via telephone, online PDF manuals and live video training. Today, we’re going to talk about 3 more ways you can seek assistance for issues you may be having while utilizing your GPS tracker devices.

1.) FAQ: This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you just want a quick answer to a question it’s possible it may have already been answered on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Just hop on over and check it out!

2.) Installation Videos: While we do recommend our products to be installed by a professional vehicle electronics technician, these videos may be perfect for you if you choose to conduct the installation process yourself. We show two examples of installation on a truck and on a motorcycle.

3.) Chat Box: Within the GPS tracker system itself there is an easy way to connect right to a real-life support person. Simply log-in on your GPS tracker and look in the lower left hand where the search box is located. Just below the gear tool is a live chat option. There you can pull up a chat box and get tech support without heavy wait times.

Purchasing a GPS tracker system is wonderful for your fleet business, but what good does it do if you can’t fix a problem you’ve been having? When you’re busy and you’ve got a major industry to run, quick support is needed and we’re there for you! If you have any questions regarding your GPS tracker system it’s as easy as calling, searching or typing. We’re dedicated to giving you the right tools to help your fleets run smoother and we strive to provide you with the best support that we can.