Save Battery Power While Using The GPS Tracker App

GPS tracker app

GPS tracker: Staying charged up

Smartphones are amazing in many ways, but one thing they are infamous for is their inability to hold a battery charge for long. The battery drains more quickly the longer the screen is on, the more applications (apps) the phone has open and if even more so if you’re working with an app that is intense. Since you’re on the go in the fleet world, smartphones are becoming one of the best ways to get data quickly. The bummer is that the battery life hasn’t caught up to the power of all the apps you want to use. There is, however; a quick and simple option within the mobile GPS tracker app that allows you to preserve your battery life for just a little longer.

Changing Maps: When using the satellite style of map you will be able to see a more in-depth image of the area you’re viewing. This view is detailed with streets and buildings, but the downside is that it can drain your phone’s battery due to the amount of work that goes into displaying these details. Consider switching your map to “Road” view. It’s more basic, still shows the location of all your vehicles and saves battery power.

Will you be one of the many business owners joining the digital world this year? Using GPS tracker devices you will know what you need to know and see what you need to see regarding the location of your drivers out there on the road. Many fleet business owners already know that they can benefit by using the GPS tracker app. It really is one of the best features about having a GPS tracker system. Now, there is an option to utilize this fantastic feature without killing your phone’s battery!

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